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Five Easy Ways to Save on Fat Loss Diet Programs

Almost everyone has an ideal weight that they would want to achieve. Unfortunately, there are more people whose ideal weights are far less than what they are presently at. This leads to being dissatisfied with their bodies, which may ultimately affect their self esteem. For most overweight people, their self image depends largely on how other people see them. Although this self image is not always accurate, it may create such an impact on their lives and may even result to depression.
Sometimes, it is not enough to just have the desire to lose weight. Let’s face it. Most of the fat loss diet programs and gym memberships that are advertised are not that affordable. We see a lot of advertisements every where which depict people who supposedly lost 20 or more pounds by buying a certain product or by enrolling in a gym program. Most of these options are expensive and may seem unrealistic for most people.
The business of fat loss diet programs is one of the most lucrative industries, because of the number of people who want to lose unwanted pounds. A lot of websites advertise weight loss ebooks or membership programs that give you access to a weight tracking system which includes suggestions on diet and exercise. None of these come cheap, and if you are serious about losing weight, you may easily buy these products or subscribe to these membership sites.
There are other ways, though of losing weight that are more natural and can save you a lot of pennies. Here are some suggestions if you want to save some money on fat loss diet programs and yet achieve the same results of losing extra pounds:
1. Check your local gym for programs that may be free or a lot cheaper than private gyms.
2. Do outdoor exercises like brisk walking, jogging or swimming in places where you either don’t have to pay or places that maybe charging minimal fees like parks, public beaches or even shopping malls.
3. Do research on what foods can help you speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet, which will provide your body with the right nutrients and a lot of fiber which can make you feel full longer.
4. Exercise at home. You can simply buy an exercise DVD and follow the routines in your living room.
5. Do household chores. You can do simple household chores like doing the laundry, spring cleaning, and washing your car which can help you burn calories as well.
Fat loss diet programs don’t have to be too expensive. You just need to be creative and use the resources you can find either online or around your area. Just remember that a good weight loss program is always a combination of the right diet with a good exercise routine, as well as the willingness to create a leaner, healthier you.…

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The AtlasPROfilax Method

The AtlasPROfilax Method

Did you know that the Atlas bone-the first cervical vertebra at the top of the spine is misaligned (luxated) in approximately 99% of all humans .

We define the Atlas as misaligned when the convex bony formations on the sides of the hole in the base of the skull do not fit properly into the convex receptacles on the top of the Atlas. This condition leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses.

Fortunately, it is now possible to relocate the Atlas to its correct position using the AtlasPROfilax method-discovered and developed in Switzerland between 1993 and 1996 by Rene-Cludius Schumperli (who was himself painfully affected by a misaligned Atlas).

A luxated Atlas can cause significant adverse changes to the posture. The spine can be compared to a chain. When the first link is twisted each link down to the last turns thereby disrupting the rest of the chain. The whole back bone tries to compensate for such imbalance causing significant adverse changes to the posture. The results are symptoms such as recurring headaches/migraines, neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, lumbago, herniated disc(s), scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves, scoliotic pelvis, hip joint pain, maladies of the knee, difference in leg length, meniscus, and a variety of other symptoms. When the Atlas is misaligned and the spinal column unbalanced the central nervous system is not able to function at its best.

The Atlas correction is a unique, effective, non-medicinal method and requires no cracking of the neck or manipulations. It is not an adjustment but a powerful relocation of the Atlas bone-that occurs by itself. Tight muscles around the base of the skull are vigorously massaged where the Atlas is trapped-which releases it. The Atlas moves into full location in one session. Only a follow up is required to make sure it is stabilized and to offer additional support for the self healing process.…

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Stop Fighting PMS the Wrong Way – These Simple Tips Will Help You!

Stop Fighting PMS the Wrong Way – These Simple Tips Will Help You!

You know how stress builds up in your life. Workplace stress. Stress at home. Stress on the highways. We all live in a stressful world, but there are things we can do to lower the impact that stress has on our life, especially when we’re experiencing symptoms of PMS. Take a day off, try to turn off your brain. You also want to turn off the TV and curl up with a good book.

Your brain will thank you for this. Stop drinking caffeinated beverages. Lots of sodas are loaded with caffeine, and those energy drinks are packed with harmful ingredients. Switch to decaf coffee and herbal teas. Part of PMS is related to stress-producing hormones like adrenaline.

Did you know that caffeine increases the heart rate and blood pressure? This causes tension throughout the body. And when you add the stressors produced by the PMS cycle, daily stresses just make the problem worse.

How to cope with stress? Lots of suggestions, here:

* Decaf

* Exercise and nutrition. Walk each day and have a better diet.

* Quit smoking.

* Stop drinking alcohol in excess. People say that a glass of red wine is fine with dinner, but when PMS symptoms have you down, you’re just asking for troubles.

* Meditate. Or, simply lie down in a darkened, quiet room. Place a warm, moist towel on your forehead and let each muscle in your body relax. If you do this 20 minutes each day, you’ll feel less stress and experience fewer mood swings during PMS times.

* Share your experiences. Talk to a friend. Find a PMS support group. Talk to a professional therapist. Don’t keep your feelings bottled up inside. Release the stress within you by talking about it.

Allow yourself some time just for you, even a few hours on the weekend. Get away from it all. Go to a day spa. Visit a friend. Do what you want to do at least a few hours each week.…

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Different Causes of Migraines

Different Causes of Migraines

Migraine headaches is a general health problem that several people face. This condition is contrasting from the usual head aches that we might experience because they are much more painful and can last for a longer period of time. This health problem can be found in kids – but is more common in adults.

Precisely what induces a migraine is not known. Several physicians differ on this subject because they believe that people can feel the pain connected with this health condition in various ways and at different extremes. It is feasible for people to have migraine headaches that are induced by other diseases or infections – but this can be rare.

The most likely cause of this condition come from the protective mechanism in an individual that is responding to an outside environmental distress. In other words distinct types of foods, heat, the lack of sleep, lack of food, and stress can induce them. Other individuals can have them because their brother, mother, or other close family member hurts from them also.

Migraines are often separated into two classes; primary and secondary. Primary migraines are not induced by bacteria, viruses, and other such organisms that can be impacting a person’s organs or other internal structures. The most average kinds that are categorized as primary are; tension, rebound, and cluster. Secondary kinds are stimulated by a disease or health problem that is affecting other areas of the body.

Individuals who manage with this problem on a common basis will commonly take particular medication that is prescribed to them by their physician or is bought over the counter. Unfortunately this medication may not incessantly work.

It is best for them to avert physical activity and to lay down in a dark and quiet room. Too much light and sound can aggravate the problem and stimulate the pain that will make it much worse. Not only will individuals troubled from migraines have a sensitivity to light and sounds – but they may also have blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue.…

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Headaches and How to Relieve the Pain Naturally

Headaches and How to Relieve the Pain Naturally

Headache often becomes very common health problem for many people. Although it seems like trivial health problem, it might be a very big problem when the pain attacks you in the wrong time. Unfortunately, people do not really understand about the causes of the headache and how to reduce the pain. They will always think about Aspirin when the pain attacks without knowing that there are some natural ways to cure this problem.

Originally, there are three common types of headache: the first will be tension headaches, the second is migraines, and the third is cluster headaches. Among those types, tension headache will be the type with most suffering pain. Usually, this pain is stimulated by the tighten muscles as well as the hard contraction of the muscles. Besides, stress could also be the main cause of tension headache.

To relieve tension headache, you can have aerobic exercise, cognitive behavior therapy and acupuncture. You can also yoga, meditation and massages. The main point in reducing the pain of this certain headache is to get relax. The more you feel relax, the more the pain will be reduced.

The second type of headache will be migraine. Unlike the previous type, migraine makes you suffer for pain only in on side of the head. In some cases, the sufferer might also suffer for nausea with or without vomiting. The most victims of this pain will be women and usually it is caused by stress and consuming certain foods. To relieve from this pain, people could have sleep and melatonin supplements and avoid some of trigger foods, acupuncture, nutritional supplements. Again, to get relax will be very helpful to reduce the pain faster.

The last type will be cluster headache. If migraine takes women as its victims, cluster headache chooses men. This type of headache usually localizes the pain around one eye that then leads the eye to be red and watery. The sufferer will be in pain for less than an hour, but the pain comes reoccurring. To reduce and prevents this headache, people can eat a well balanced diet, getting enough sleep, engaging in regular and relaxing physical activity. Again, people should be relax and avoid any stress that might bring bad influence to their mind and muscle.

In conclusion, preventing stress and trying to be relaxed will be the key to prevent headache. Controlling them well allows you to take no more aspirins in your life.…

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My Aching Head

My Aching Head

all get them, and they’re not much fun. Often our headaches are a result of stress, anxiety, anger, frustration and other negative emotions. A bad day at the office or a confrontation with a spouse or child can lead to an aching head and a general feeling of misery.

Frequently our reaction to a headache is to take a couple of Tylenol or aspirin and lay down in a dark room, hoping that the pain will pass quickly.

Luckily for all of us, EFT is amazingly effective for headaches, and a couple of rounds of tapping can often completely eliminate the pain.

It’s always best when working with EFT to be specific in what you tap about, such as “Even though the boss really stressed me out today and that made my head start to pound…” or “Even though _________ really aggravated me and made me angry and now my head hurts…”.

Since I’m trying to give folks a generic starting point, a script that they can change and tailor to their own needs, the script below is more general. Please don’t be afraid to replace my words with your own, specific to the situation that caused the headache.

Tapping Script For a Headache

Karate chop:

Even though my head is pounding and that really hurts, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.

Even though my head hurts so much that all I really want to do is lie down and close my eyes, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.

Even though my headache is so bad that I can’t stand the pain, and all I want is for the pain to stop, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself, and I’m open to considering that maybe this tapping stuff can stop the pain.

Eyebrow: My head is hurting SOOO much

Side of eye: I can’t think straight when my head hurts like this

Under eye: All I can think about right now

Under nose: Is making this pain stop

Chin: My head feels like it’s in a vice

Collar bone: And that vice is squeezing it tighter and tighter

Under arm: The pain is making me miserable

Top of head: And I’m ready for some relief.

Eyebrow: This tapping stuff looks kind of silly

Side of eye: But maybe it will help, so I’ll keep tapping

Under eye: Starting to let go of anger that might be causing this pain

Under nose: Letting go of frustration too

Chin: Releasing any stress that might be hurting my head

Collar bone: And allowing my body and mind to relax

Under arm: Continuing to release all the negative feelings

Top of head: That might be causing this headache.

Eyebrow: Breathing out anger, frustration and stress with every breath

Side of eye: Breathing in peace, relaxation and healing

Under eye: Releasing the tenseness in my head and body

Under nose: And starting to feel better as I do that

Chin: Releasing all the negative feelings that may have contributed to my headache

Collar bone: And feeling more relaxation and less pain

Under arm: With every breath that I take

Top of head: As I moving toward healing and inner peace with this headache.…

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Headache – Find Out Effective Remedies to Deal With It

Headache – Find Out Effective Remedies to Deal With It

If you experience headache, it is very important to discover the cause of it. Whether it is exhaustion, overwork, stress, insufficient sleep, adverse weather forecast, increased or low blood pressure, low level hemoglobin, lack of estrogen, change in cervical vertebras or trauma. Whatever the cause of headache is, it has to be eliminated. However, I am going to disclose effective remedies to fight against headache.

Infuse a teaspoon of granulated peony root with 2 glasses of boiling water. Continue to boil the tincture on a small fire for 5 minutes. Afterwards decant it and wait till it gets cold. Drink half o a glass of the decoction 20 minutes before meal. Peony has anesthetic impact. In addition, it reduces blood pressure. The roots should be taken from 4-5-years-old herbs. Use peony with caution taking into account the doses precisely.

Infuse a teaspoon of apple seeds with a glass of water. Boil the mix for 5 minutes. Leave the tincture to settle and become cold. Drink 20 minutes before meal.

Apply fresh cabbage leaves to your temple, forehead and back of the head. Leave them for an hour. You can use leaves of lilac or foal foot instead of cabbage.

Drink warm (not hot) black tea with honey and lime. Think whether you have had a meal today. Maybe your blood sugar concentration is reduced and you need to renew it – some candy or a teaspoon of honey will be of help.

If the reason of headache relates to high blood pressure, the best remedy is chokeberry.

Infuse 3-4 tablespoons of dried chokeberry fruits with half of a liter of boiling water. Cover up or fill a thermos bottle with the decoction and leave to brew for 12 hours. Drink half of a glass of the tincture 3 times a day 20-40 minutes before meal.

Eat 100 grams of fresh chokeberry fruits 3 times a day half an hour before meal. You can drink 30-50 milliliters of fresh chokeberry juice, as well. Repeat the procedure for 10-30 days by turns.

Squeeze fresh chokeberries to get a mash. Add honey. Not only chokeberries reduce blood pressure, but they also improve the performance of thyroid gland. In addition, they strengthen your organism. Chokeberry fruits are rich in vitamin C, carotene, folic acid, iron, manganese and iodine.

The remedies described above are simple and effective. However, the great method to fight against headache involves proper rest. You should spend several hours sleeping or resting in a cold, quiet and dusky room.…