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Injuries to the Spine – Pain, Pain, Go Away

Injuries to the Spine – Pain, Pain, Go Away

There is nothing more physically or emotionally debilitating as spinal injuries. Since our spine is our life line to all of our major organs and is responsible for most of the movements our bodies make, it is no wonder that those suffering from injuries of the spine live a very low quality of life. They can’t pick up their kids to hold them. They can’t play golf or tennis like they used to. They can hardly even walk to the mailbox without wincing in pain. Along with the pain is the medication used to stop it. Endless pills with endless side effects. If you are experiencing these same situations, there is an alternative that could potentially free you from your misery.

Chiropractic care is an excellent alternative to surgery and pain pills. If you think about it, it’s really a no-brainer. You go to a cardiologist for your heart. You see an optometrist to check your eyesight. So why not see a chiropractor for back pain? Chiropractors go through years of extensive training on each vertebrate in the spine and their functions. They know all about how the spine is connected to every part of our bodies and how to fix our aches and pains. Insurance usually covers most chiropractic visits and there are several new and amazing technologies coming out of the chiropractic field to better heal our pain.

On your first visit, the chiropractor will determine what type of pain you are in by assessing how you injured your back. Was it a fall at work or at home? Did you incur this injury through an automobile accident? Possibly a sports injury? They will then ask how long you have been dealing with the pain, what type of lifestyle you lead, be it active or sedentary, and what your goals for treatment are. A chiropractor may then take x-rays of your spine to see how extensive the injury is and then he or she will make a diagnoses and plan for treatment. It’s that simple. And most adjustments that the chiropractor makes to your back are painless and all are non-surgical and noninvasive.

So what are some possible diagnoses that the chiropractor will make? They might find that you have a bulging or slipped disc. When this disc is pushed out from between the vertebrate, it can actually touch nerve endings in the spine which causes excruciating pain– almost a burning sensation. Decompression may be the treatment you receive if this is your problem. This can be done either through a massage chair, a decompression chamber, or by hand. Never attempt to use decompression through inversion tables in your own home without being supervised. You can ultimately cause a secondary injury by doing this.

Visiting a chiropractor can be very scary if you are a first timer. But don’t be afraid. Chiropractors go through more training in the first two years than a regular medical doctor and they are more open to alternative treatments. They not only help your back pain, they work on improving your overall lifestyle so pain will never be a component of your every day life again.…

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Cure For a Migraine Headache – How to Get Rid of Migraines Once and For All and Get Your Life Back

Cure For a Migraine Headache – How to Get Rid of Migraines Once and For All and Get Your Life Back

Thousands of people are suffering from sinus headaches and migraines every year and it ruins their life. Excruciating pain, throbbing cluster headaches are the main symptoms associated with this diseases. There are many reasons why you have this disease and finding the cure for migraine headache has been a long enduring journey with no real results. If you want to get rid of migraines once and for all, you need to follow these tips and get your life back together.

One of the main reason why you have migraines is stress, and lack of relaxation. There are maybe too much problems and responsibilities going on in your life that make you think about all the times. When you do that, your brain tend to overwork which can damage your brain cells and create the pain. When this problem happens over and over again, you experience recurring, daily painful headaches which stop you from getting a good night sleep. To find a cure for migraine headaches, you must find ways to take your mind off stressful things by practicing yoga, or slow deep breathing technique.

If you haven’t exercised for a long time, it could be a reason why you have headaches. Exercises help release the natural toxins out of your body and keep it stay healthy. If you have time for exercises or too lazy, at least take walk down the street or go jogging for 15 minutes a day to get rid of migraines. It is known that sweating is very good for your health and a natural cure for migraine headache.

Another cause for your excruciating headache is the lack of proper diet and nutrition. As they say, ‘you are what you eat’ and drink, so if your daily diets are fast foods and unhealthy fattening sweets, you need to cut down on that. These types of foods intoxicate your whole body by accumulating wastes and toxins inside your colon and liver. If you want to get rid of migraines, you need to eat more vegetables and fruits as well as avoiding alcohol and cigarettes.

Since your body is probably full of toxins and wastes, drinking lots and lots of water and juice can make a whole world different. You must drink at least 8 glasses of water or juice a day to flush out the wastes and cleanse the toxins inside your body. This will help you release stress effectively because your body is working better without getting intoxicated.…

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Migraine Headache Cures – Migraine Auras

Migraine Headache Cures – Migraine Auras

A migraine aura is a specific type of premonition, or prodome, that heralds the onset of a migraine. It is a symptom or series of symptoms that let migraineurs, people who suffer from chronic migraines, know in advance that a migraine headache is about to make itself felt.

Aura effects develop over about five minutes and generally occur from twenty minutes to an hour prior to the start of a headache. They are a symptom of what used to be called “classic migraine”. Medical practitioners have, recently, moved to a more scientifically accurate term, migraine-with-aura. Approximately 20-30% of migraineurs consistently experience any kind of aura before a headache begins.

For the majority of sufferers migraine auras are visual. Aura affects the visual field of both eyes despite often seeming to affect one only and lasts from 5 to 60 minutes then the vision normally restores itself. These auras are called positive visual phenomena because, rather than their vision fading or going dark, people who experience them see things.

They can include one or more of the following:

Auras or Haloes: a haze or nimbus of light surrounding objects, particularly light sources

Flashing or Floating Lights: coloured or white (rarely dark) spots that appear to move

Lightning Bolts: a jagged or zigzag line that sparkles and/or arcs over the field of vision; with the frequency or severity increasing over time until the person can no longer see (a whiteout); This effect usually stops with the onset of headache pain.

Photophobia: an extreme sensitivity to light; this effect frequently lasts the duration of the headache

Scotomas: A blind spot or area of decreased vision in the field of vision.

Blurred vision

Eye pain: such as a feeling that the eyeball is being squeezed

Whilst it may feel longer, most auras last less than an hour. Migraineurs who experience auras that last more than an hour are said to suffer from migraines with prolonged aura. In some cases a migraineur may experience aura effects without a headache developing, but this is still considered to be a symptom of chronic migraines. The same person at various times may experience all three variations: migraine with aura, migraine with prolonged aura, or typical aura without headache.

A migraine may not be accompanied by a classic aura, but a number of other symptoms may signal the onset of migraine headache

Loss of appetite

Increased urination

Increased sweating

Swelling of the face






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How To Discover Your Allergies

How To Discover Your Allergies

Excessive exposure of the immune system to dangerous substances such as rage wood, smoke etc. are the primary causes of allergies. There are many procedures an individual can discover that particular thing he or she is battling with. This method of diagnosing your allergies are not usually easy but they are very important. You must understand that these procedures may not always give a positive result. Most times they may be used to detect a totally different problem. And it can be annoying to wait and discover their outcome. Patients usually give a sigh of relief when they discover that their doctor have uncovered the root cause of their problems and also knows how to tackle it. The test procedure includes;

Testing the skin; there is a plastic device used to scratch the skin with various solutions. These solutions may contain insect, food or even airborne particles. If an area is discovered to react with any of the solutions. Then the allergist already knows the problem and the appropriate treatment. This reactions normally manifests within 30 mins.

Conduct a patch testing of the skin; this achieved by placing a patch on the patient’s shin and it is capable of showing an allergy that usually comes with delayed reaction. After two days, with the patch on the patient’s skin. The first reading is recorded and if there was no reaction, that particular part will be re-examined in some days. After that if there was a reaction of any kind, the doctor will discover it and conduct some diagnosis.

Another form of diagnostic test is Spirometry; this type of test is connected to the skin instead it examines the amount of air taken into the lungs of the patient. It will determine if he or she has asthma and if yes, it will determine the seriousness of the problem. The result will be printed immediately the patient breathes into the diagnosing machine. The allergist will commence breathing treatments and provide a prolonged care plan.

Conducting laboratory test; in some cases, allergies can be very hard to detect. The allergist may assume that a patient is allergic to a particular thing but cannot conclude until further examination is conducted. He may diagnose the blood or even the skin to determine if there are certain problems in the body, whether it is from the immune system is malfunctioning or if the patient is seriously allergic to some foods. The whole test can last for some days or weeks before it can be concluded. To take the blood only requires an appointment but the test itself can consume much time.

Imagination diagnosis; in a situation whereby the problem is not from the skin, other parts of the body need to be examined properly particularly issues that have to do with breathing. The allergist can take a closer look at the sinus cavities and the lung with the help of an x-ray or through a CT scan. By reading the images from the scan the allergist may be able to determine the root cause of the problem and recommend the appropriate solution.…

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Headaches Getting You Down When Scuba Diving?

Headaches Getting You Down When Scuba Diving?

Having the occasional headache when diving in is not really much of a deal, so it is really only those who regularly experience such discomfort that need to address the possible causes. The reasons why you might have a headache are too numerous to list but, assuming you are a normal healthy person who doesn’t suffer frequent headaches in normal life, what can it be that is causing you this pain?

Could it be your mask?

Is your mask too tight? Remember the mask strap isn’t meant to be pulled tight as if it will come off otherwise. A well-fitted mask can stay on underwater with a good seal even when the strap is hanging loose, so make sure that you haven’t tightened your mask too much. Also as the depth increases so too do the air spaces decrease including the air space inside your mask. This causes mask squeeze easily solved by allowing a little air to escape from your nose into the mask. Failure to do this can obviously cause you a headache as well as an unsightly mask mark on the face which won’t impress that incredibly good looking person on the dive boat.

Is it your tank position?

How far down the tank is your BCD strap? Everyone has their own preferences but if others assemble your gear it may not be just the way you like it. Sometimes a tank is so high on the back that the diver needs to keep their neck bent forward to avoid collisions between the top of the tank and the back of the head. This constant tension can soon lead to pain. So make sure your kit set up doesn’t restrict your movement.

How many coffees and cigarettes did you get through before the dive?

We have all seen divers, especially on liveaboards puff through a couple of smokes and gulp down a large caffeine-heavy cuppa in the morning before taking the plunge. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that such stimulants have an effect on the body and its organs that can cause headaches. After all, we are designed to drink pure liquids and to breathe air, so it may be worth looking at your pre-dive routine before blaming diving for your sore head. Incidentally a big night of boozing the evening before is clearly a more likely cause of a dehydration headache the following day than anything to do with the activity of diving.

Perhaps our lifestyles also need a little buoyancy control when finding a balance between the good life above and below the water. Hope these suggestions help to make your scuba diving more fun and pain-free.…

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Headaches on the Left Side Are Part of Your Unique Expression of Ill Health

Headaches on the Left Side Are Part of Your Unique Expression of Ill Health

When you experience headaches on the left side, it means that you recognise your unique expression of the headaches. This is immensely important if you really want to resolve the problem behind them, rather than just dull the pain.

There are few modalities of health care which understand the vital important of everyone’s unique expression of poor health. But once you open your mind to this possibility, then you are well on the road to taking control of your own health, and so life.

It’s not difficult to grasp the fact that as everyone is a unique individual, they are going to experience the world and their life in their own way. Obviously, this means they are going to experience their health, and lack of, in their own way too.

And headaches typify this well. They come in all shapes and sizes, as it were. Some are only on one side, some change sides, some are focussed at the temple, others are at the top of the head, the forehead, or the back of the head.

And the sensations vary enormously, too. Some have a stabbing pain, other throb, others ache, some pulse, some feel like little hammers in your head.

Then there are all the different, and natural, factors which improve or worsen your headache. For some, the daytime is the worse time. For others, it’s the nighttime. Some find that noise and/or light makes the pain worse. Others find that moving around worsens the pain. The application of hot or cold applications can help or hinder.

And finally, there are the seemingly unrelated symptoms, which only occur with a headache. Many people experience nausea and/or visual disturbance with migraines. Other people experience more minor symptoms, that are none the less, related to the headache.

When you put all this together, you can’t possibly come up with one or two treatments. You need to be far more discerning and come up with a different treatment for each different combination, otherwise how can your treatment possibly help at a deep level?

Luckily, there is a modality of health care that does just that.

Homeopathy is a powerful but gentle form of complete and natural health care. It works by taking all your individual symptoms, and causes, into consideration and then matching them to the most appropriate treatment. Only then can you expect to get deep and lasting healing.…

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Losing Weight Safely Over Time

When it comes to weight loss there are a lot of products that claim to provide quick results with little to no effort on your part. These are the types of products that should be avoided if you are serious about losing your excess weight. The types of products that are most effective are the ones that take more time to help you take that weight off.
Losing weight over a short period of time makes you more prone to gaining that weight back after you have reached your targeted loss goal. The only safe and effective way to lose weight is to lose it over a longer period of time at a steady rate.
There are a couple of different products that help you lose weight within this safe period of time. These products are most generally prescription products that actually encourage eating. A healthy diet is an important part of making these products work to your favor.
One type of these products eliminates the majority of the fat from the foods you consume by quickly flushing it from your body. Because these types of products flush the fat out so quickly, they encourage a change of diet and a limit to the amount of fats in each meal. These products generally come with some type of food guide and recipes that have been tested for their fat content. The only problems reported for this type of product are related to a slip by the dieter in the recommended fat intake.…