7 Reasons Why You Should Add Ginger to Your Grocery List

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7 Reasons Why You Should Add Ginger to Your Grocery List

Ginger has been used as food and medicine for thousands of years. During the middle ages, wars were fought over the ginger trade. It was so highly regarded that only the royalty were allowed to eat it. Apparently ginger was planted in the new world by the Spanish conquerors, and eventually, it became popular in the United States as a spice and medicine. By the 1900s the use of ginger as a medicine became commonplace.

Ginger’s greatest versatility as a grocery store food is a result of its powers as an internal and external antiseptic.Because it possesses both antibiotic and anti-inflammatory capacities it is able to kill of microbes and also reduces inflammation, swelling, and irritation. Here are some of the reasons you should add ginger to your shopping list.

1. Fresh ginger root is the best remedy possible for an upset stomach. It stops pain and reduces inflammation. It also has a predilection for the stomach and directly increases the flow of gastric juices, while also soothing it.

2. If you suffer from dizzy spells, then make sure you add this root for a rapid cure. It could be because ginger contains a variety of natural chemicals which accelerate blood flow.

3. If you’ve got a headache and it seems to be caused by something you ate, try fresh ginger. The ideal method is to chew it and hold it under the tongue for as long as possible. This method will deliver the active ingredient straight into the bloodstream though the thin layer of tissue under the tongue.

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4. If are suffering from diarrhea and nothing else is working to stop it, then ginger is an excellent remedy to try.

5. Many people suffer from indigestion these days. If you are one of the many that are suffering from digestive disturbances, bloating, or indigestion, eat raw ginger, or you can add several thin slices of it raw in hot water, and sip until the discomfort disappears.

6. A lot of people also suffer from sea sickness, ginger is a good cure. It has been documented as working better than pharmaceuticals. So next time your going fishing or taking a day out on the ocean, make sure you stock up on some ginger.

7. If you’ve got a cold or the flu and just can’t break it, then ginger may just come to the rescue. Add it sliced to a pot of hot water and drink, several cups daily. Add it to soups and if you are able to handle the heat, chew on fresh ginger throughout the day.

Ginger keeps well in the fridge, but it may mold, especially if kept in a plastic bag, because plastic retains moisture. To prevent mold store it in a paper bag or in a covered ceramic or glass container.

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