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Joico – Beautiful Hair Made Easy

Joico has provided cutting edge hair care for over thirty years, using the most up to date and innovative ingredients and technology to create super effective and manageable hair products, used by stylists and practitioners all over the world.

Because Joico hair care relies on the know-how of leading stylists and hairdressers in its research and manufacturing, you can rest assured that the hair products do exactly what they say on the bottle!

Finding the correct hair care and products to create the look you want, is simple because each product is tailored to very specific needs:

The Moisture Recovery Range contains ingredients drawn from the sea and is specially modified to remove excess dryness and give the hair more elasticity.

The Body Luxe range of hair products works to increase volume by actually enlarging the width of each individual hair, without weighing the hair down.

If your hair is coloured, use the Color Endurance series, which maintains your colour by nourishing and strengthening your hair.

For everyday use, for well-balanced hair, look no further than the Daily Care Joico hair care selection, which consists of balancing cleansers and conditioners, formulated to moisturise, strengthen and give shine to your hair.

Finally, there is the Silk Result collection, which contains luxurious silk proteins, which really do work to give softer, shinier and sleeker hair. The results are instantaneous.

Once you have washed and conditioned your hair with one of the above ranges of Joico hair care, styling has never been simpler. The new Design Collection of hair products are so effective and so lightweight, you will feel as if you have not added any extra styling aid. Stylists love to use this range of products as, again, each is so specific for style and/or hair type. Choose from putties, sprays, polish and waxes for an immediate change to your style with lasting hold.

Speak to your hair care practitioner to see which product they use and recommend for you – remember, no matter how unmanageable you may think your hair is and no matter how extreme your hair style, you will find a specific Joico product to suit your needs.…

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Getting Fit One Day At A Time

Losing weight and getting fit is hard, but don’t let yourself get discouraged. Getting rid of all that excess fat is just like a lot of things… the best way is one day at a time. If one day, you have a setback, just try harder the next, but don’t beat yourself up about it. That will almost certainly lead to failure. Over eating seems to be in some ways, a symptom of depression so it’s really important to keep positive and upbeat. One day at a time does not mean not to set goals. It just means that between the goals, live in the now. It also means that just because you back-slide one day, you can still win the next day and the next. Also try to learn from your setbacks instead of dwelling on the negative of them.
This thinking is from Alcoholics Anonymous, but it applies to lots of things. For alcoholics, this can be of life or death importance. Usually, losing weight is not quite as serious, but it is very important for long-term health. A huge amount of our health problems today are directly related to people being over-weight and out of shape.
A while ago, I woke up thinking bad thoughts about the fact that I had had some sweets the night before. My wife had just gotten a huge basket full of sweets for Mother’s Day and I seem to have a real problem with late-night snacking while watching TV. That morning, I just decided to put extra energy into my morning workout and I felt really positive again!! The basket got hidden away for a week!! It’s OK to cheat once in a while. It’s bad to dwell on the negatives.
For a month or so, I was on a real plateau. My weight stayed the same and my workouts didn’t seem to be improving. One of the ways I have been gauging myself is how many and how well I am able to do pullups. During this time, they were not improving at all, but I just kept doing my workout anyway even though I was feeling pretty discouraged at times. I just had to remember that when I first started, all I could do was 3 pullups while pushing myself up off the floor. During this “plateau time” I was doing 7 pullups with only a slight cheat push. Each day I just kept going and reading about what to eat to improve my health and help myself get fit faster. That is the subject of a whole different article, but the point is that I didn’t just quit. I kept moving forward one day at a time and got past it. I am now making progress again I’m happy to say, and am at 10 pullups now. I also beat my last best time for my run of two weeks ago today by 45 seconds!! I’m actually starting to like the way I look albeit I still have a ways to go, I now know I will get there by doing it (you guessed it) one day at a time.
Update on the basket full of sweets: It’s been 3 weeks and there is still lots of them left. Back in the old days, it would have been all eaten up in a couple of days!!!
Just remember, keep positive one day at a time. Think: get fit, get fit, get fit and YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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Styling Tips For All Types Of Hair

There are a few women in the world who are always pleased with their hair. The rest are always concerned about its dryness, its greasiness, its split ends or about its falling. Most of the women start changing their hair ever since their teen years. They change its color, they change the haircut, they try to straighten wavy hair and to curl the sleek one.
But that is just the nature of women. Looking for a change whenever possible makes you stay young for a longer time. It is very important to take care of your hair and to try different hairstyles. This way your hair will always look healthy and tidy.
Women who have natural curls are sometimes very fond of them. Nevertheless it is very difficult to take care of this type of hair, first of all because it entangles very badly. Then, because after brushing it, your curls may turn into a compact fluffy mass. Whether your curls are natural or the result of the work of your hairstylist, you need to know how to deal with them. The major rule is: donA�t comb your hair; simply add conditioner and pass your fingers through it while it is still wet. Another tip is to use professional hair products, like hair oils to separate the curls one from the other.
If your hair is straight or with very subtle waves you shouldnA�t be upset. Sleek hair has dominated the catwalks in the past 10 years. You can wear it in different hairstyles according to the shape of your face. The very popular bob haircut is very successful with this type of hair, and a long sleek hair is always very sexy as long as it is healthy. One of its advantages is that it can adapt well to haircut involving bangs.
In the contemporary world, where we are all caught in the speed of the events, changes in our look are often necessary. They help us keep up with the fashion and with our daily activities. But if you feel tempted by a major change of your hair you shouldnA�t rush into it. Instead sleep on your ideas for a few evenings, because you wouldnA�t want to feel sorry after you have decided to cut your hair, to turn it from blond to black, or to have a perm.…

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New CGMPs Make Product Testing a Key Factor in Manufacturing

By June 25, 2010, the dietary supplement industry concludes an event that will have historical significance. It would complete the last stage in a three-part installation of the FDA GMPs bringing a new level of high-quality standards for the entire dietary supplement industry.
The new rules and regulations under the cGMPs range from tighter manufacturing practices to detailed documentation, new personnel regulations and detailed product testing. Raising the bar on quality manufacturing will, no doubt, serve to enhance the image of the supplement industry. Consumers will have the confidence of knowing that the products they hold in their hands have undergone intense quality testing standards for manufacturing before being sold for consumption.
Product Testing and the cGMPs
In the past, the emphasis of product testing was on the finished product. Under the new GMPs, however, testing is used as a means of quality control. It begins prior to manufacturing with detailed documentation of finished product specifications, manufacturing processes and process controls and tests that would be used to ensure reliable results. Manufacturers must also specify the identity, purity, strength and composition related to raw materials used, specifying limits on types of contaminants that may adulterate or lead to adulteration of the end-product.
Testing and examinations must be set in place to ensure a controlled manufacturing environment, requiring the use of analytical equipment and the employment of additional professional personnel with extensive documentation at every level of manufacturing. While the type of testing is left to the discretion of the manufacturer, it must conform to valid scientific methods. The new regulations for quality testing of products may pose a problem for smaller manufacturers who want to continue producing high-quality supplements, but may not have the capital to invest in expensive analytical equipment and additional personnel.
GMP-Certified Manufacturing Facility
One sure way such manufacturers can keep their products flowing in the market is through contract manufacturing with private label supplement manufacturers that have a fully-equipped lab with analytical equipment and a GMP-certified facility. Vitacap Labs, a superior-quality private label vitamin manufacturer, has already had their manufacturing facility certified by the NNFA, a third party GMP certifier and was more than ready to meet quality standards of the cGMPs. Besides superior-quality manufacturing, a unique advantage with Vitacap Labs is the option of placing small order quantities-with minimum orders starting at just 96 bottles! In addition, they offer you the freedom to mix and match any combination of their stock formulas to meet this minimum! Facilitated by high-speed, advanced machinery, 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed to meet your pre-specified manufacturing, packaging and delivery requirements.…

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General Hair Care Tips to Know

Is your hair damaged looking and not doing the things that you want for it to do? There are some general hair care tips you will want to be aware of that will help you to repair your hair and also to make sure that your hair does not return to the state it may be in now. It is important to have a head full of good looking hair because people often judge you by the way that you wear your hair, how much hair you have, or the style that your hair is fixed in when they first meet you. If you follow these general tips for hair care then you will love the hair that you have.
One of the things that you may want to change is the shampoo that you are using. Many of the shampoo products that are available are made from harmful chemicals that are synthetically blended together to create a formula for you to wash your hair with. There is an alternative that has been around for years but a lot of people are just now starting to consider it as a great option. That option is organic shampoo. This type of shampoo is made out of products that are found growing in nature such as minerals and plants. By switching shampoo products you will be on your way to having a healthy head of hair.
Another general hair care idea is rinsing your hair with cold water. A lot of people do not think to rinse their hair with cold water while they are taking a hot shower. Before you apply the shampoo to your hair the water should be warm or hot in order to open the pores in your head and when you are rinsing the shampoo out of your hair you should use cold water to close those pores back up. This will help your scalp to get the moisture that it needs and will result in less dandruff and less itching.
There are a lot of things that you should know about general hair care that will help you to have the type of hair that you want. By following these tips you will be able to have healthy hair that will not fall out or break and you will be able to ensure that your scalp is moist so that your head does not itch or flake up.…

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Burn Stomach Fat – 3 Intensive Workouts to Get Rid of Stomach Fat

Do you want to burn stomach fat quickly? Well the answer is to burn off a more calories than you take in. The best way to burn stomach fat is to speed up your metabolism. So, following are a few easy and reliable workouts that can boost your metabolism and you can start doing now.
1. Sprinting – Sprinting is an affordable way to burn stomach fat and one that is easy to continue. It is an extremely intensive workout which acts the whole body and burns lots of calories than most other workouts. Sprinting includes almost every muscle group into each movement you make. With each step your chest, shoulders, back and stomach are also working.
2. Rowing – Rowing on indoor rowing machine is one of the most effective workouts to lose stomach fat. This is an outstanding workout as it includes cardiovascular stimulation with strength stimulation. Other than burning fat, it will also tone up your arm muscles.
3. Skipping- There are several ways to lose stomach fat but jumping rope for burning calories can be a cheap and easy way. You can learn this exercise within very less time and perform anytime, anywhere. Jumping rope is a high intensity cardio exercise that can burn up to 200 calories in 20 minutes. Except burning fat, it can help teach your stamina to swim and run further.
This entire workout really helps you to get desirable results when you perform regularly. Your lower stomach fat will be gone and slowly become muscle instead.…

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Reduce Your Risk Of Diabetes With Diet And Exercise

Many people around the world suffer from diabetes. This can be a very manageable disease if you are properly educated and take the time to learn some tips to manage it successfully. The following tips are proven to help you or your loved ones live a full life with diabetes.

If your parent has been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, it is important that you help them in changing their diet and exercise rituals. Support them by bringing them healthy treats, like fruit salad, instead of cakes or cookies. When you visit their house, why not go for a long walk with them?

Eating fresh, non-processed foods is an easy way for a diabetic to keep his or her weight in check and blood sugar stable. By shopping only the outside aisles of the grocery store you will find you’re not exposed to the processed sugary or carbohydrate-laden treats, that can lead to temptation.

If you’re Diabetic, you must quit smoking. End of story, period, that’s that. You cannot have any bad habits while your body is already having these types of problems or else any treatment you’re receiving will be sabotaged. It’s time to make a choice – do you want to live a long, healthy life, or smoke?

If you suffer from diabetes and you are going to exercise, it is important that you check your blood glucose afterward. Strenuous activity can cause your body to burn off blood glucose and if your body does not have enough glucose, you can develop hypoglycemia. If your glucose levels are too low, try eating foods that have carbs to raise your glucose levels.

There are several ways to prevent developing diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the most common and can be prevented by regular exercise, losing weight, eating more fiber, and consuming whole grains. Don’t attempt to shortcut living a healthy lifestyle by using fad diets; talk to a physician or nutritionist and make an effective plan together.


If you want to eat healthier to help overcome your Diabetes, but you just can’t stomach fish without some pops of flavor on it, try capers! They’re like olives in their flavor, but smaller and zestier. You can sprinkle them on any type of fish, I like to also add some slices of Spanish onion, and they take the place of sauce.

Want a tasty treat that won’t be forbidden by your doctor due to your Diabetes? Try nachos! Use a low fat cheese, low fat sour cream, homemade guacamole, and salsa, and you’ll be getting a ton of nutrition with a burst of flavor. If you add some beans to the salsa you’ll have an even healthier snack!

As it was stated at the beginning of this article, diabetes is a manageable disease and it does not have to take the joy out of your life. Use the tips that were listed to help manage diabetes successfully. Diabetes does not have to rule your life if you apply these tips to your daily routine.…