Doubts about who the father is?

Are you pregnant but not sure about the identity of the father? This can be difficult, because you want to know for sure whose child it is. Nowadays, you can order a dna home test kits to find out this kind of information. Once you have found out who the father is you can start a conversation with him. Then clear agreements need to be made to ensure that the child receives adequate support. Read more about a paternity test, talking to the father and making arrangements.

Paternity test

A paternity test can be ordered online, this is a test that you can do to find out who the father is. For this you need DNA from yourself and the potential father. You can also take a dna testing while pregnant. This is a simple and quick way to test, you only need a cheek swab to receive the results. Within 2 working days you will know if the person whose DNA you have provided is the father. Do you need the results on paper for legal reasons? Then it is better to do a test in the lab itself, this is done by means of a blood test.

Telling the father

As soon as you have heard the results of the test, you can tell the father. This is not easy for everyone, because for some it is unexpected and not everyone is ready for parenthood. Still, the father has the right to know and it is important to tell him as soon as possible. Tell him in a calm way and have an open conversation about it. Does he not take it well? Then give him some time to process it, it is of course big news. Try to make clear agreements about what your parenting will look like.

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Make agreements

As soon as you know who the father is, you will have to make arrangements concerning the baby. Especially if you are not in a relationship, it is important to make clear agreements, because it is not obvious that you will be together all the time. Think for example of agreements on finances, how often the child goes to the father, how you deal with each other and agreements on communication. The upbringing of the child should also be discussed. You could also discuss the name of the child and where the child will go to school.

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