Eliminating Migraine Headaches

Eliminating Migraine Headaches

Migraine headache sufferers can reduce or eliminate their migraine headaches by getting the proper amount of quality sleep. The chemical serotonin produced by the body is dependent on sleep and has been called the “feel good” chemical of the brain. Many people who have poor sleeping patterns will find that the body cannot produce this chemical without it and thus could end up suffering from a migraine attack.

Sleep quality is depended on certain factors being controlled or eliminated and they are stress, drugs and medications and noise. These things when under control can allow one to get the proper quality of rest that they need.

Lighting can also affect sleep quality and one cannot get good quality sleep with the lights on even if they think that this does not affect them. Turn off all the lights including the TV for a good quality night’s sleep.

There are those who have slept by having the TV on for many years and it is a hard habit to break. If one must have the TV on to fall asleep they should make sure to set the timer so that it goes off after about an hour. Once asleep the subconscious mind is aware of sounds and lights and when these things are eliminated the body can get the proper rest that it needs.

Stress is an element in our lives than can be difficult to eliminate but it can be reduced tremendously with the proper amount of exercise. Exercise has been known to be a great stress reducer.

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If you get the right amount of exercise before sunset each day you can get a good quality of sleep at night. Do not, however, exercise just before bedtime as you may have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

Certain medications can have their effects on our sleeping patterns. If you must take medication consult with your doctor about its effects on your sleep and if necessary the doctor will have you take them earlier in the day to reduce their effect on sleep. Caffeine is common drug that affects our sleep as well.

Reducing or eliminating caffeine consumption can greatly improve sleeping patterns. Do not consume caffeinated beverages after dinner and if you suffer from migraine headaches, caffeine has been known to trigger them, so eliminating or lessening consumption of it can help.

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