Finding Ways to Look as Good as We Feel

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People sometimes say that age is just a number. It was a somewhat toothless statement in the past. People often tossed the line out to make people feel better as they saw their faculties failing them. But today there’s far more truth to the statement. Our understanding of the aging process has increased by leaps and bounds over the past few decades.

Almost every aspect of one’s health that was thought to suffer from inevitable decline has modern aids available. We now understand how time takes a toll on most parts of the body. To be sure, we can’t keep everything functioning as it did in our prime. But someone who puts enough effort in can maintain strength in body and mind for considerably longer than our ancestors could ever dream of. But somewhat ironically, the one exception to the rule is the largest organ in our body. This is the ectodermal tissue covering our body. Or in layman’s terms, our skin.

This presents something of a problem for people who are working hard to safeguard their health. It’s obviously great if someone in their 50s has the endurance and strength of someone in their 30s. But it’s not nearly as enjoyable if we still look like the average 50-year-old. The wrinkles suggest something very different from the strength we’ve managed to safeguard.

The big problem comes from our skin’s main purpose. We usually think about our skin in terms of beauty. But it’s there for one main reason. It protects us from all of the dangers we’re subjected to on a continual basis. Much of what we think of as aging in our skin is accumulated damage from the sun or other factors. And this is largely independent from our actual state of health. Think of clothing that’s been bleached in the sun. It’s still just as strong as when it was first laid out. But the sun has obviously damaged some of the clothing’s beauty. Something similar happens to our skin over time.

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Of course, this leads to an obvious question. Is there anything that can be done to make our skin look younger? Thankfully there are some treatments which can efficiently work to restore the youthful appearance of our skin. Some treatments are years or even decades away. For example, we know that a multifunctional cytokine called TGF-β is partially responsible for the degradation of subcutaneous fat in response to environmental damage. But direct and full intervention in that pathway is still a work in progress.

One can still find a wide variety of options for anti-aging skin treatment though. For example, someone looking for an Anti Aging Skin Therapy Treatment beverly hills ca will have a number of options. This can range from removing damaged cells while encouraging new skin to grow all the way to more acute intervention. However, the exact choice of treatment is less important than the fact that one can work within the system to find the perfect match.

Just like our bodies require unique forms of care, so does our skin. Matching treatment to need can result in something far greater than a one size fits all solution. But these options for skin treatment are the final piece of the puzzle. If people really work at it, they can both look and feel youthful for far longer than they might have ever dreamed.

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