Maintaining Mental Health in the Work Environment

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Very important to protect the mental health of employees in the workplace. With good management, support for employee mental health can increase productivity by up to 12%. The benefits that can be obtained by supporting the mental health of employees include:

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1. Increase Productivity for Maintaining Mental Health

Research shows that 86% of employees who receive treatment for depression experience improved performance. Not only that, the support can also reduce absenteeism by 40%-60%.

2. Increase Employee Retention for

Quoted from The Great X Report from Michael Page Indonesia, as many as 68% of employees in Indonesia are willing to sacrifice salaries, bonuses, or promotions to get mental health and happiness. This shows that mental health must be a priority for companies to retain their best employees. Companies need to support all the components that can create a healthy work environment, such as: physical, emotional and mental health, and professional development.

3. Lower Maintenance Costs

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, rates of cardiovascular and metabolic disease are twice as high in adults with serious mental illness. In other words, maintaining the mental health of employees at work can have an effect on their physical health. The happier employees are at work, the healthier they are physically, which certainly has a positive impact on performance at the company.

In Indonesia, awareness about the importance of mental health is getting better, but there are still many who consider mental health to be an abstract problem when compared to physical health which is easier to identify. Whereas external factors such as the work environment can also trigger the disruption of one’s mental health, such as poor communication between co-workers, unclear tasks, limited space for expression, working hours that interfere with personal life, work that does not match employee competence, and other.

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These are the efforts that HR can do to maintain the mental health of employees in the work environment. Keep in mind that the mental condition of employees affects performance in the company. So if the company can create a positive and supportive work culture towards employee happiness, work motivation will also increase by itself. So that employees will be more productive at work.

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