Tips To Get Migraine Headache Relief

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Tips To Get Migraine Headache Relief

It is estimated that 25% of women, and 8% of men, will get a migraine headache in their lifetime. It therefore stands to reason, that migraine headache relief is foremost for many persons. Migraine headaches are a serious problem not only in the United States, where over 29 million people are affected, but throughout the world. Therefore, there are many migraine sufferers looking for help. Many often wonder if there is any way to alleviate their distress, once an attack is underway. This article will look at some alternatives.

Migraine headaches are very painful and severe. They usually occur on one side of the head, and are accompanied by several symptoms. The most common ones are: sensitivity to light and noise, nausea and vomiting. They can last a few hours, or for as long as 2 to 3 days.

Some over-the-counter medication, namely aspirin and ibuprofen, have been found to give migraine relief. The good thing about these is that they can be obtained without a prescription. However, you will still need to monitor your intake of them, to prevent becoming over medicated.

Aromatherapy has also been used to obtain migraine relief. It provides the relaxation that the muscles need, in order to combat the pain and tension of migraines. Through the use of a combination of essential oils, including rosemary, peppermint, jasmine and lavender, tension is released, the muscles relax, and blood flow is increased. The oils are usually applied to the skin, or inhaled.

It has also been suggested, that adjusting your sleeping patterns and sleeping position, can also provide migraine headache relief. Persons with migraines are normally found to be sleep deprived, getting less than 5 hours of sleep. Therefore sleeping for a longer time, between 5 to 7 hours is recommended, as it will provide the restoration the body needs to feel refreshed. This will assist you in getting relief for your headache.

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Sleeping in the correct position is another suggestion. Sleeping on a pillow, which allows for a slight elevation of the head, is said to be very important, as it eases tension in the head, back and shoulders. Releasing tension will go a long way is easing migraine pain.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy, and has also been effective in providing migraine headache relief. It involves the insertion of thin metallic needles into the skin at certain pressure points. The needles are then gently manipulated. Several studies and reviews have been done, and they all indicate that acupuncture can control the pain that comes with a migraine attack.

Homeopathy, which involves the use of natural medicine, is also recommended for migraine relief. This solution can reduce the frequency of migraines, and alleviate stress and other symptoms of tension. However, because each medicine targets particular symptoms, it is always best to know the features of your headache, in order to select the most appropriate remedy.

There are various options to choose from when looking for migraine headache relief. The use of non prescription drugs and homeopathic treatments, are important in helping to reduce the symptoms and frequency of headaches. Other natural remedies such as acupuncture are also beneficial.

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