Which Size Bustline Fits You?

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Breast enlargement surgery is more popular than ever and continues to be the number one cosmetic request. For many women, whether they are naturally small chested, or their breasts have changed in size and shape over time, enhancing their breasts can be a life-altering event that reaps significant rewards, both physically and emotionally.

When it comes to breast augmentation bellevue wa surgeons say the most commonly asked questions surround choosing the right size and shape that will look natural. Doctors point out, the perfect implant for you is dependent on your existing breast size, shape, symmetry and projection, body type, and of course, your personal preferences.
There is no one breast implant shape that is best for everyone. Your surgeon is the best resource for determining what breast implant is best for you.

Shapes of Your Implant

Breast implants have undergone major changes since their creation in 1960. Current breast implants are fifth generation and are the result of a large number of modifications that have been improving their characteristics and quality.

The great diversity of implants means that many times patients are not clear about what each type of prosthesis provides, what its characteristics are, and what type of implant is best suited for your body.

Round and teardrop implants are the most commonly requested implant shapes. Round implants are circular and provide more cleavage. Teardrop, or anatomical implants more closely resemble the natural shape of a breast, that gradually slope downwards. They aren’t as full as round implants, but because they are fuller in the lower half they more closely resemble natural breasts and are being requested more often.

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It’s important to take your natural breast width into consideration. Your surgeon will measure the base diameter of your chest to determine the ideal width of implant, because it shouldn’t be too wide or too narrow. But during your consultation, the surgeon will take into consideration these measurements of your chest and breast tissue and advise you on the most suitable implant size and style.

What Size is Best?

The size and shape of breast implants have changed throughout the ages, primarily influenced by cultural climates. Fast forward to the current times, and surprisingly, patients are not saying bigger is always better. There’s been a shift to selecting a more natural breast size that coincides with balancing a figure, rather than dominating the overall appearance.

Compared with a decade ago, the average size has gone from a double DD or E cup to a D or C cup. Breast implant sizes are designated by their volume, which normally range up to a volume of 800cc, but when choosing, it’s important to take your natural breast width into consideration. Today’s patient wants the best of both worlds: cleavage and a full bust, without restrictions or discomfort, so their choosing more natural bust lines that complement the body. A good candidate for breast augmentation understands the reality and the limitations the surgery can achieve, however, with all the advances, there is a size and shape for everyone.

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