5 Simple Yet Effective Headache Cures

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5 Simple Yet Effective Headache Cures

A headache is a common discomfort which is often caused by several factors. This often happens if you have migraine or if you lack sleep. You may also experience light headache if you have fever or if you are exposed to tons of stress both at work and at home. For light to moderate headaches, there are headache cures that you can prepare at home. These quick remedies are easy to find, prepare and use but are proven to give you fast relief.

What makes these cures beneficial is the fact that they are natural and so adverse reactions are very unlikely to happen. So, here are these quick remedies that are worth considering:

1. Ice Wraps

These are among the most accessible headache cures these days. You can get them at any pharmacy or even some local grocery stores. These are easy to use. You just buy them, unwrap and place it on your forehead. The cooling effect soothes your head and improves the flow of the blood which accelerates the healing process.

2. Ice Towels or Ice Bags

In the absence of ice wraps, you can us ice towels or ice bags. Preparing this is simple. All you have to do is get a small towel and then place it inside the freezer. After a few minutes when the water has frozen, you may take it out and then place it over your forehead. If you have ice bag, just fill it with some ice cubes and then place it over your head or forehead.

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3. Chamomile or Eucalyptus Massage Oil

Apply a light massage on your temple with some chamomile or eucalyptus oil. The scent of these oils and the light rub can soothe your head and alleviate the pain that you feel. These are two of the commonly used headache cures in spas because aside from the calming massage, the scent of chamomile and eucalyptus can relax your mind and body. For headaches caused by stress, these oils along with a slight massage on your temple and forehead can provide great relief.

4. Avoid caffeine and too much chocolate

If your headache is caused by migraine, try not to drink or consume caffeinated drinks and food. Instead, drink some fruit juice, ascorbic acid and a small quantity of salty food. Be cautious about eating salty food like chips. Consume only a few grams, just enough to comfort you and relieve your headache.

5. Practice a healthier lifestyle

It may sound redundant but it is true that prevention is better than cure. You may spare yourself from experiencing headaches by living a healthy lifestyle. Eat balanced diets, get some vitamins especially vitamin C, have ample rest and sleep and exercise.

Giving yourself some time to relax can also make a huge difference as it relaxes your mind and body. Not to mention that you free yourself from stress when you are asleep.

These headache cures are very basic. In fact, you can do them yourself without the supervision of a health specialist. In case your headache persists and none of these work, better consult your doctor for proper medical attention.

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