Home Hair Care Tips

Drink lots of water and eat well (green vegetables). Water helps keeps your hair from getting dried out, and green vegetables keep your hair strong and healthy.

Use hair moisturizers to help keep your hair from getting dried and reducing breakage.

Don’t sleep with wet hair. Make sure your hair is dry before retiring for the night. Continuous wet hair will cause the hair to split, and become more entangled and frizzed out over time.

Avoid excessive heat on the hair. Make sure you limit the use of the high heat setting on your hair drier, and don’t over heat your hair when curling, as it can damage your hair. Only heat long enough to get the hair to curl.

For all the short hair gals, start out by realizing that you have to have your hair cut every 4-7 weeks to maintain the consistency of the short hair style you have chosen. Depending on your hair’s growth rate, you may have to come into the salon more or less often. To keep a short haircut looking fresh and make it easier to style, it must be maintained. Also keep in mind that you will be required to do a bit of staying when you have a trendy short cut. Consider having your hair colored. It will accent the shape and dynamic of your haircut, and also keep it from losing it shape so fast. We call that roughing up the hair. Don’t think that you can get away from using maintenance products, as it’s essential that you have a root booster and textured cream to contribute in styling that sassy bob or shag. Of course hair spray is necessary, but make sure it has a soft flexible hold, not crunchy. Follow the product’s directions closely, to maximize its benefit.

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For all the ladies with long locks, realize that it is important and less time consuming to not shampoo your hair everyday. Over shampooing can actually dry out your hair, and your hair color won’t last as long. Become creative with your look and image by experimenting. Day one after a shampoo should be when you spend the most time in styling your hair. Day two you can pull out the dry shampoo and go to town. Apply by spraying the roots in one inch section from the crown of the scalp down to above the ears, on either sides and down the back. Then use your finger tips to work the product into the scalp to soak up excess oil.

Also on day two, pull out the curling iron and pop in a few waves. Stay away from perfection, a styled/messy look is the look we’re going after. Don’t forget about day three. Get stocked up on hats scarfs and hair accessories. Bring out the braids, side ponytails, half up/half down, and casual up-dos. You’d be amazed how nice a side pony with a beautiful flower will blow over. Another helpful tip for keeping hair looking fresh: always pre-book your appointments and listen to what your stylist tells you. Like any other field, hair stylists have been trained in not only making your hair look great, but they have extensive training in hair health care as well. Hopefully I have given out a few helpful tips to maintain your hair at home!

XOXO Libby

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