Best Natural Headache Cures

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Best Natural Headache Cures

When suffering from chronic headaches one solution is visiting a chiropractic center. The chiropractic center can provide you with proper body alignment, which will help eliminate or at least reduce the number of headaches that you are experiencing. If you are not experiencing chronic headaches you can look into natural headache cures as an alternative to over the counter medication.

Henna is a great method to use when trying to get rid of a headache that has been caused by the heat of the sun. With the henna, you will want to get the entire flower, not just the petals. What you will need to do is rub the flowers in vinegar and then apply the flowers to your forehead for almost immediate relief. The only problem with this cure is finding the henna flowers, unless you happen to grow them.

Cinnamon is a great headache remedy for any headache that is caused by the cold air. To use cinnamon to get rid of a headache you will want to place some cinnamon into a bowl and slowly add a small amount of water. You only want to add enough water to make a paste out of the cinnamon. Apply the cinnamon paste to your forehead and temples until the headache is gone.

Marjoram can also be used to help treat headaches, but it is most effective on headaches that are caused from being nervous. These types of headaches are often considered chronic, but cannot be treated by a chiropractor. To treat these headaches you want to take some marjoram leaves and pour boiling water over the leaves, which this will turn into a marjoram tea. Simply drink this tea every time you have a headache caused by nervousness.

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Rosemary can also be used to treat headaches caused by cold weather. Simply take a handful of rosemary, place it into a mug, and pour one liter of boiling water into the mug. Cover your head with a towel and breathe in the steam as long as you can. Repeat this procedure until the headache is gone.

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