Finding A Common Headache Cure You Can Try

Finding A Common Headache Cure You Can Try

The most common headache cures involve the drinking of water and applying a cold compress to your head where the pain is located. Water helps to hydrate your body and flush out toxins. Many headaches are caused by dehydration. Most individuals aren’t even aware they are dehydrated. At the first onset of a headache, make sure you drink plenty of water. Applying ice to the painful area of the head allows the inflamed areas to relax. Both of these natural remedies will help a great deal with your headache pain.

Another headache cure you can try is to press your index fingers onto your temples. Applying this simple pressure and actually massaging the area gently can provide a great amount of relief. Squeezing the bridge of your nose can also provide this same type of relief. This is due hitting certain pressure points. Acupuncture therapy is based on these concepts and could be considered if your headaches persist over time.

Caffeine has often been known as a common headache cure. This is true to a point. Caffeine in small doses can actually thin the blood causing some relief on the pressure of the headache. However, large amounts of caffeine can actually cause headaches. So it is important to be careful at the amount of caffeine you intake on a daily basis.

A recently common headache cure is the use of various herbal supplements. This headache cure is becoming more popular as more and more naturopaths have demonstrated the benefits of these substances. Some common herbs shown to aid with headache pain include:

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Vitamin B2

Ginkgo Biloba

Before using any herb it is important to make sure you have discussed this with your physician. Some herbs may actually react with any current prescription medications you may be taking.

Quite often, if you are not a chronic headache sufferer, you headache may be caused by fatigue. Fatigue headaches usually go away after you get enough rest and/or nutrition. Ensuring you get a good night sleep, eat right and get some exercise during the day should take care of these type of headaches. If you do experience fatigue headache and you can’t take a quick nap, drinking a Sports drink can help ease the symptoms. Getting a boost of vitamins and electrolytes found in these type of drinks can ease the symptoms of your headache.

Common headache cures are often enough for you to get rid of your headache pain. However, as previously mentioned if you do experience frequent headaches, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.

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