Do You Need a Headache Rack on Your Truck?

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Do You Need a Headache Rack on Your Truck?

In your quest for accessories that will set off your truck, you’ll undoubtedly run across headache racks. What are these truck accessories? Who needs them? What are the factors that go into making a quality rack, versus one that will leave you with a less than perfect experience? Here, you will find all that you need to know about buying a headache rack for your ride.

Who Needs ‘Em?

If you regularly carry cargo that shifts, need to mount lights above the bed of your truck, or need to ensure that loads do not crash through the rear windshield of your truck, then a headache rack is the perfect solution to your needs. These racks are the ideal solution for fleet needs, or for individuals, as well.

What Are They?

In essence, a headache rack is simply a metal rack that installs just behind the rear glass of your cab. It protects the glass and provides anchor points to help secure cargo, as well as mounting locations for running lights (or KC lights, etc). These racks are also ideal for anyone in need of mounting a toolbox in the bed, as they provide firm anchor points.

Make and Model

Before you choose a rack, you’ll need to ensure that it fits your truck. You will find that there are racks out there for all major brands, including Ford, GMC, Dodge and Chevy (just to name a few). Even import trucks can be fitted with a headache rack. Of course, you’ll need to do your research first, in order to ensure that the rack fits your truck correctly.

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Rack Construction

Yet another serious concern for truck owners interested in the benefits of a headache rack is the construction material used in the rack. You should never choose a rack that is not manufactured of tubular steel, bar steel and plate steel. This provides the utmost in durability, strength and resilience.

You will find that there are racks available made of thin gauge steel, as well – these should be avoided, particularly if you need the protection/cargo securing benefits of a rack. If you are only interested in mounting lights on the rack or adding a bit of flair, then you can choose thinner metal. However, thicker steel is always the better option.

Finish Type Considerations

All headache racks have some type of finish. You will find chromed racks, painted racks and powder coated racks. The most durable option is a powder-coated rack. Paint can chip, peel and flake, while powder coating ensures a long lasting finish that is durable and will stand the test of time. Chromed racks add flair and style, but you might find that they do not stand up as well as those with a powder-coated finish.

Construction Methods Defined

In your search for a quality rack, you will encounter quite a few construction methods. As a note, you should only choose a rack that has been professionally welded, made of brake-bent steel. All metal components of the rack should be bent, cut, welded and pressed using state of the art technology, in order to ensure a long lasting solution for your needs.

Accessories Available

Of course, you might just find that you need some accessories to go along with that headache rack. You should purchase from a manufacturer that offers accessories such as antenna mounts, light kit mounts, light bar mounts, utility mounts and more. This ensures that you will be able to accomplish what you want with your rack, without incurring additional headaches and hassles in the process.

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