Enticing Foods to Avoid During a Headache

Enticing Foods to Avoid During a Headache

When you head feels as though somebody has struck it with a sledgehammer, the last thing you probably want to think about is eating. Nonetheless, people who suffered bad headaches realize that certain triggers are responsible for how they feel during the pain. It is suggested that certain foods can cause and even enhance head pain, so if you are not certain what is bad for you check out this partial list of trigger foods you may want to avoid.

Coffee: Some might suggest that drinking a caffeinated beverage aids in getting rid of a headache, but in truth drinks like coffee can contribute as well. If you are taking a medication designed to relieve the ache that includes caffeine, compounding the effectiveness of the meds with coffee can prove too much for your system. It is better to stick to clear beverages – rather, just water – while you wait for the pain to subside.

Alcohol: It’s no secret that overindulgence can lead to a variety of problems, but taking an alcoholic beverage while enduring a headache is not likely to help. Again, stick with water to combat head pains.

Cheese: While some recommend getting a bit of dairy in your diet, certain cheeses may trigger or worsen a headache. Aged cheeses in particular contain an amino acid called tyramine which is believed to affect your blood vessels. When blood flow to the head is increased, your head will ache. You may wish to avoid this snack during your discomfort.

Processed Meats: In addition to containing tyramine, processed meats may be too salty for your palate and do little to improve your condition.

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Fried Foods: Food containing MSG and other additives are known to trigger head discomforts. You will want to rethink lunch or dinner at your favorite fast food joint if you are not feeling well.

When you are dealing with a headache, the best course is action is to rest and stay hydrated. If you find you are a chronic sufferer, you may wish to consult with your doctor about altering your diet to prevent future flare-ups. It is also helpful, too, to maintain a food diary and include when you experience headaches. You can then associate which foods you are eating when the pain happens, and from there adjust your diet so the flare-ups do not happen anymore.

Many of us find food as comfort to help us when we are feeling low. Some foods are great for preventative measures, but bear in mind that food can enhance problems, too. Make sure you know what works for you.

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