The Ultimate Cure for Heartache

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The Ultimate Cure for Heartache

Ages 4-5

A simple cone of ice cream or a toy is enough for them to forget the hurt they have. Usually these heartaches come from the unfulfilled promise of parents like buying the toys the want or missing their events from games. Children have little patience for unfulfilled promises but they have little need also to cure their heartache. A simple presents from you is enough to brighten their low spirits. Children are the easiest to handle when it comes to heartache. And even how grave you’ve caused him, over time he forgets it, only if you have literally address his heartache at the moment. But when you took it for granted, this little heartache will grow and you have no way of curing it anymore.

Ages 10-16

This is the age that they understand already what it is to be hurt by someone you love. And to cure this heartache, you can try engaging them to other activities that will divert their attention. Creating a different scenario and diverting their attention to worthwhile things easily forgets their heartache. Because this age group is more inclined to peers or group, as a parent try to let your child explore his surroundings. He may be too focusing on heartaches and a simple hurt would create hatred to him. And in order to stop this, encourage him to join a group or engage in sports or other activities.

Ages 18-26

An age where heartaches are in depth which is usually caused by failed relationship or family problem. When someone you love is in pain and shares his problems to you, what he needs is you ears. Lend them to him and listen to his heartache. A mature advice and opinion is needed to cure this heartache. And the only remedy to the heartache is the caused of heartache also. If his family is the caused for his heartache, a good communication with parents must be done. And if it is caused by failed relationship, the person who has caused pain must be confronted also.

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The older the person who experiences heartache the difficulty it is to find a solution. It’s like a cancer, at the onset of signs; an immediate remedy must be done in order not to go higher. The only difference with these age gaps is the ages 18-26 years old because their cure comes from their own solution to the problem. Unlike Ages 4 – 16 years old where a parent’s hand to help would be enough to cure the pain of heart.

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