Hair Care FAQs – Frequently Asked Hair Care Questions

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Salon stylists are often asked the same kinds of questions by customers who want to care for their hair properly on a day to day basis. With hair care tips on everything from dyed hair to dry hair, here are some of the most frequently asked questions with answers from top UK stylists.
How do I dye my hair without compromising the condition?
Many people think using henna, a natural, plant-based hair dye, is a good way to permanently dye the hair at home without damaging it or drying it out. However, home hair dyeing is a tricky process and you should remember that henna can’t be coloured over, meaning you have to wait until it has grown out if you don’t like the colour.
If you want to experiment with colour but keep the condition, you could use a glossing or Symbio colour service. Symbio is a temporary fix, applied with a plant enriched conditioning mask. These amazing hair care products allow you to have fun and experiment with colour without damaging the hair, leaving it healthy and in excellent condition.
How do I straighten my wavy hair with a glossy finish?
If you’re looking to achieve the kind of high-gloss finish you see in magazines, this is a simple thing to do when you put together the right ingredients: a decent blow dry and the correct hair care products. After washing, apply a small amount of blow drying product, this will replenish and moisturise the hair, helping it become smooth and shiny.
Blow dry the hair in small sections, using a round barrel brush. Keep the nozzle on your hair dryer and point it down the hair shaft for the best results. If needed, hair straighteners, used with a heat protection spray, will ease out any kinks and polish off the look.
I want to dye my hair black – can I do this over my highlights?
Changing from highlights to black is definitely possible but you need to be absolutely sure about it as it is far harder to go back once it’s done. Think about other factors – you may find you need to alter your whole wardrobe as different colours and styles will suit you.
Moving from dyed black hair back to blonde is tricky and can take up to six months – I would recommend trying some lowlights first to make sure this is the way you want to go, and gradually taking the colour down to the shade you want to stick with.
I look after my hair but it is still dry – how can inject moisture?
Even if you look after your hair, every day environmental factors such as heat damage, chlorine and central heating can leave hair brittle and dehydrated. If moisturising shampoos and leave-in conditioners are not working for you, your stylist should be able to suggest the right moisturising products for your particular hair type.
They will probably recommend using a weekly intensive moisturising treatment when you shampoo and condition to infuse the hair with moisture. These kinds of concentrated, moisturising hair care products will leave the hair shiny, glossy and properly hydrated.

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