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Home Remedies For Tension Headaches

We all have stress in our lives and end up getting tension headaches as a result. It doesn’t matter what caused the stress, it happens and we get tension headaches. Here are some home remedies for tension headaches:

Massage your temples: Gentle, slow massaging of your temples increases the blood flow to your forehead and can bring some relief from the pain.

Don’t chew gum: The repetitive nature of gum chewing can cause your jaw muscles to tighten and bring on a worse headache.

Sleep it off: Sometimes all you really need is some shuteye to relax and rid yourself of the headache pain. But careful not to stay in bed too long as this can actually cause your headache to worsen.

Use heat: A heating pad across your shoulders and on your neck can be a wonderful way to relax those muscles and relieve the tension and so relieving you of the tension headache. A warm compress on your forehead can also be helpful.

If heat doesn’t seem to alleviate the pain, try a cool compress on your forehead and an ice pack on your shoulders and neck. Also sitting in front of a fan or air conditioner can help you relax and lessen the pain of a headache.

If your headache isn’t too painful, try some exercise; nothing too strenuous, but some slow, calm exercising releases endorphins in your brain and these chemicals are a kind of natural pain killer.

Get an eye exam: Very often, people complain of headaches because their eyesight is not what it used to be and they are squinting to see all the time. Call your eye doctor and get your eyes checked; you may find that a simple pair of reading glasses will alleviate your headaches.

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Talk to your dentist: You may have a problem in your mouth. You could have an infected tooth, wisdom teeth coming in, a misaligned jaw, or a problem with joints in your jaw. You may not even know that there is a problem with your teeth, so ask your dentist to check everything out to make sure you cover all the bases so to get rid of your tension headaches.

If all else fails, take an over the counter medication like aspirin or acetaminophen, just make sure to only take the recommended dosage, no matter how bad the pain is.

Home remedies for a tension headache really just involve you relaxing and letting the stress flow out.

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