Advantages of Massage

Advantages of Massage

Have you ever enjoyed a massage? If you have, did you notice the bliss of a relaxed body and smoothed skin and muscle? The gentle kneading process, long directional strokes, makes you forget the aching back or tense neck muscles, but the body at complete rest is unwinding and relaxing.

Not only does a massage help you unwind and relax better, but numerous credited therapists provide massage therapy as an alternative treatment method. It balances mental, physical and emotional well-being, when you take a few scheduled sessions with a massage therapist. Massage therapy is considered by most people as an alternative method of treatment from the conventional treatment as there are no side-effects, when conducted by a professional.

Benefits of massage therapy

Regardless of whether you consider Swedish massage, sports massage with massage therapist you get nearly the same benefits as all massages improves blood circulation, invigorates the body and relaxes the muscles. Any massage helps to stimulate the body tissues and expels the waste material effectively. Improved blood circulation helps to promote higher level of oxygen in the tissue, reduces pain and inflammation. Some of the benefits of massage are:

• Reduces muscle tension

• Effective for tension headache

• Pain management – reduced aches and pains

• Can be used in conjunction with hydrotherapy and physical therapy

• Effective relief from spasms, sciatica and arthritis

• Relaxes and rejuvenates sports injury including atrophied muscles

• Helps to reduce lower back pain, aids frozen shoulder and tennis elbow

Massage not just relaxes the muscles but stimulates the lymph flow which is the defense mechanism of the body and increases the production of white blood corpuscles. In addition, deep tissue massage has a stimulating and sedative effect on the nerves, thereby you feel relaxed and pain is relived.

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Additionally, massages help in behavior modification such as lowering the anger quotient and aggressive behavior but most of all it helps the patients with arthritis, nervous system disorders and improves joint movement. The connective tissues along with ligaments are stretched and flexibility enhancement can be noticed within a few months. You can even stop the muscle tissue from sticking together causing knots and stiffness. To prevent sports injuries, many teams have preventive care that includes regular massages to eliminate stiffness and inflammation.

The therapeutic form of massage includes increasing sleep and thus it is used as an alternate therapy to sleep medication. People who are unable to sleep have lesser issues falling asleep after they get a 30 minute massage session with the required essential oils. Basically, when you are relaxed, body without pain, it is much easier to fall asleep and wake up refreshed.

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