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Irritability and Neck Pain Headaches

Irritability and Neck Pain Headaches

Irritability caused by stress is common in nearly every family in the United States. Fights about money, raising children and life in general can leave a married couple feeling tension in the relationship. That tension is most often centered in the neck area causing a neck pain headache. A neck pain headache can also be related to previous injury, sitting too long at a computer, watching TV at an uncomfortable angle or sleeping without proper neck support.

While there are several reasons why pain may develop, tension is the number one cause of a neck pain headache. This tension often leads to irritability which can affect the mood within the home where life is supposed to be most relaxing. The work / life balance can be difficult to maintain, but learning how to turn off the work persona and turn on the dad or husband can work wonders for pain relief.

Tips for Leaving Work at Work

After leaving the office for the day, try listening to music on the way home. Refrain from turning to a news station or talk show that may tempt you into irritation. Sing along with the music and release the tension that has built up throughout the day.

Once at home, immediately change clothes and place a physical barrier between work and home life. Even if you are headed out of the house again to dine in a restaurant, take the time to change something whether it is your tie or slacks.

These simple changes in your daily routine allow for the redirection of work tension away from home life. When the tension is relieved, the neck pain headache will often subside or cease to bother you during home time, at least.

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