My Migraine Headache Symptoms – Are They the Same As Yours?

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My Migraine Headache Symptoms – Are They the Same As Yours?

There’s no doubt that a migraine is the worst kind of headache that you can suffer from. Not only are they exceedingly painful, but they also come with a feeling of sickness and disorientation. Most migraine sufferers are forced to lie down in a darkened room, sometimes with a damp cloth over their eyes until the pain recedes. It’s not uncommon for migraines to last several days.

The migraine headache has been very difficult to cure as migraine symptoms vary so much between different people. To make matters worse, its not unusual for sufferers to experience different kinds of migraines for no apparent reason. My own migraines seemed to be triggered by hay fever due to pollen, and were mostly confined to the Summer months, but not always.

Luckily, and unlike some unfortunate sufferers, I only get migraines at a certain time of year.

Many people’s migraine headache symptoms are made much worse by the phenomenon known as the aura. The aura is a neurological condition that can lead to blurred or foggy vision and even mild hallucinations.

I don’t usually experience auras with my migraine, but when I do its always above the left eye. Whatever my migraine headache symptoms, however, I find it impossible to function normally.

A bad migraine attack can leave me feeling worn out for days afterward. My sympathies really do go out to those people who suffer from persistent migraines; I simply do not know how they cope. Although my migraine headache symptoms have been getting progressively less severe of the past few years I still live for the day when I don’t waken up with that slow thudding pain behind my eyes that heralds the onset of another miserable day.

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