PMS Relief – Black Cohosh Will Do it For You!

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PMS Relief – Black Cohosh Will Do it For You!

Black Cohosh is a popular botanical. It can be grown in most gardens or simply can purchased at any supermarkets. The naturally occurring phytonutrients contained in black cohosh are shown to have a soothing effect on both body and mind.

And, when working in conjunction with the nutrients consumed in a healthy diet, your body becomes stronger and better able to withstand the rigors of menstruation each month’s decades.

By taking black cohosh everyday throughout the 28 day menstrual cycle, you’ll notice fewer mood swings, less severe mood swings and less depression and lethargy common symptoms associated with PMS.

If you recently got conventional hormone replacement therapy and you are suffering from the any negative side effects from it you should know that black cohosh because it contains phytoestrogen that mimics your body’s natural estrogen.

You may use it to reduce those side effects from conventional hormone replacement therapy.

Perhaps the most important benefit of herbal cures is that they work in conjunction with body’s natural defenses. The human body has many defenses against disease and illness. For example human skin prevents germs from entering the body. White blood cell fights off infections, even at the microscopic, cellular level.

Antigens, produced naturally by the body, provide immunity from diseases that you’ve already experienced. In fact, when you get a cold, chances are it’s caused by a strain of germ that your body has never seen before. However, the body’s immune system creates antigens that attack that particular cold germ and those antigens remain in the body so the next time those same cold germs enter the body, the body’s natural immune system is prepared to fend off another cold caused by the same germ.

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This is the main reason why we should use more natural herbal medicines and vitamins instead of over the counter medicines and pain relief medications that weakens our immune system.

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