Ways to Get Rid of Headaches and Migraines

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Ways to Get Rid of Headaches and Migraines

The only thing worse than a pounding headache is a migraine. Both suck. When they strike, there are some things you can do that could get rid of them or at least make them a little easier to deal with. Today, I want to share those with you.

All of these revolve around relaxation in some way, because that’s the real key to headaches and migraine relief. You can’t get rid of them with a coffee from Starbucks and more work.

Deep Breathing

This one can work great. Basically, here’s how to do it. It’s just like working a balloon. Picture a point below your navel and take in a bunch of air. Hold for a second then start to exhale slowly. As you do it, your body should relax.

It’s important to try and block out any distractions while doing this. Don’t do it while working at the same time.

Relaxing Music

One of the that helps me is soothing music. It’s important that the music have no words (that’s just more stuff for your brain to process). I usually like running streams, thunderstorms, etc. In fact, I’ve got a huge collection in iTunes and on my iPod ready to go.

Turn on the music low enough to hear it and if possible try the deep breathing or just relax. Ideally, you can get to a place that has less light. If not, sometimes something over your eyes or head, like a coat, sheet, etc can help.


Really, all of these things work well together. Try to get everything out of your mind for a little bit and just visualize something peaceful-a beach, running stream, you sleeping, whatever.

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Don’t over think here. Just a nice casual visualization will do.

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