Symptoms of Tension Related Headaches

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Symptoms of Tension Related Headaches

One of the worst pains that can happen to the person would be a throbbing pain on any part of the head. These aches come and go but one thing is for sure, the person who is experiencing them will be in agony. Even though these aches vary in amount of time that they are hurting or even the intensity of the pain, headaches are definitely not a walk in the park. Anyone who has ever experience headaches in their lifetime will attest to that.

However, there are many different types of headaches and the symptoms of a headache are not just limited to a pain in the head only. Some people might find themselves passing out from the pain or feeling dizzy. Others might even feel nauseous up to the point of vomiting.

A typical type of headache that affects people is what is commonly known as tension headache. More women than men will experience tension headaches in their lifetime. Still, there are some common symptoms that you should look out for when you are experiencing headaches. For starters, you will feel as if your head is being squeezed in. Some people who have tension headaches say that the pain is like someone tying a rope tightly around the head to give the sensation of tightness in the upper area of the head. Most of the time, you will notice that the ache starts in the head on both sides before gradually moving to the neck. Still, you should not discount the fact that you might be suffering from a tension headache even if the pain is only on one part of the head.

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Tension headache sufferers have varying degrees of pain. If you are unlucky, you will get a very bad attack which will make you feel as if your head is splitting into two. Still, there are others who only feel a little bit of squeezing on both sides of the head. Tension headaches tend to occur in the late afternoon or early evening. As such, it is said that it happens due to stress build up throughout the day. Once tension headaches start, the likelihood that it will slowly subside is really small. Instead, the pain will get worse as time goes on.

When you experience tension headaches, you might also notice that your neck and shoulder hurts as well. It could just be that your neck and shoulder are too rigid. Whatever the reason, this could be because of the stress that you feel. Either you are unable to relax or you have been slouching about thereby causing stress onto your neck which slowly leads to the pain starting high up in your head. To avoid this from happening, try to do some simple exercises occasional in order to relax the muscles in your back.

If it is a severe attack, some people with tension headaches might find it very difficult to sleep at night. However, it is now known whether the insomnia is specifically caused by the headache itself or the fact that the sufferer has sore muscles in the neck and shoulder. Unfortunately, difficulty in sleeping will then lead to the sufferer losing much needed rest. The very next day might see them easily losing their temper and suffering from worse muscle ache.

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To avoid from tension headache getting worse or often occurring, try to lead a relatively stress free life and practise proper posture at all times.

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