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While the Aveda Company has a relatively short history, they offer a number of great beauty products for women and men alike. In particular, people who are interested in more organic alternatives to beauty products should check out what Aveda has to offer. The products in their product line are all based in the Hindu concept of Ayurveda, a traditional medicine that promotes longevity. As such, they emphasize natural ingredients and environment friendly solutions.
Aveda offers a number of products for both skin and hair care. Here are just a few examples of what they have to offer. First is their Color Conserve Shampoo. This shampoo is designed for use by people who artificially color their hair. Since it uses natural ingredients, it helps to hold the artificial color instead of washing it out like harsher cleaners can often do.
Another quality hair care product is Pure Abundance Hairspray. This hairspray provides excellent hold in a very fine mist that will make any hairstyle pop. It uses organic acacia gum, which naturally causes hair to bulk up and look fuller. They also offer a product called Air Control hairspray – the great thing about this hairspray is that it has almost zero impact on the environment, unlike other aerosols. Their design actually won an environmental award, so you know it’s legitimate.
Another great natural product is the Sap Moss Concentrate deep conditioning formula. This hair care product uses natural sap and moss to moisturize and bolster the overall health of your hair. You can use it before you shampoo to add a revitalizing boost to your hair. This one is optimal for people who tend to have split ends or naturally frizzy hair.
For men, there’s the Hemp Sheer Pomade. This lightweight pomade is made from organic hemp. It can help any guy achieve a smooth, shiny and well defined hairstyle that’s sure to impress. In the skin care line, you’ll find such products as the Rosemary Mint Bath Bar. This bath soap not only cleanses, but also exfoliates and invigorates the skin. As you use this soap, you’ll notice the enchanting aromas of rosemary and peppermint flowing from it. This organic soap leaves your natural oils intact for better skin health. It’s perfect for all types of skin!
This is just a small sampling of what the company has to offer. When you buy Aveda, you know that you’re buying natural, healthy products that will enhance and enliven your skin and hair. For organic products, the prices are very down to earth, so anyone can afford to go natural!

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