Tips for Battling a Migraine Headache

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For some people, a migraine headache comes out of the blue. It leaves you feeling sick to your stomach. The pain in your head is unbearable. The idea of being around loud sounds or bright lights is just too much to bear. For some, they have a sense of when one is about to come on. Others might not even know they have a migraine as they might never have experienced one before. If you think you have a migraine, what are some things you can do?

Laying Down is Best

One of the best remedies for a migraine headache is to lay down. There isn’t much that a good amount of rest and some good old-fashioned sleep can’t take care of. When you lay down make sure the room is quiet. Close the blinds to keep out any light. You might even want to wear an eye mask for if it’s really sunny out then the sun could still shine through the blinds; intensifying the throbbing in your head.

Get Your Water In

Many find that dehydration makes migraines even worse. Your body needs water and not many of us drink the amount of water we should be drinking. Avoid large amounts of caffeine. Stick to the water and you will find that rest and water can go a long way in recovering from one of these nasty headaches. Water is also great in the event you can’t lay down. After all, a migraine can strike at any time.

Over the Counter Medications

There are plenty of over the counter medications for a migraine headache high point nc. If you are frequent to getting these types of headache, then you might want to have a few bottles that you can keep in places where they are readily available. These types of medications have a small dosage of caffeine to dull the pain. While these have caffeine in them, it’s still wise to drink water and avoid large amounts of caffeine as caffeine can cause dehydration which can worsen the headache even more. This is the one mistake many people make.

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If you find that these basic things aren’t helping or you find that you are getting these headaches more and more than normal, then you may want to talk to your doctor. This might tell you that you need prescription drugs. There are some who have tried both over the counter and prescription medications and found that their chronic migraines won’t work with any sort of treatment. There are alternative medicines such as Botox or acupuncture which might seem far stretched, but for the person suffering with chronic migraines, they just might try anything. Talk to your doctor and see what they can do for you. Some even say a chiropractor might help. There are all sorts of reasons for migraines and just making some lifestyle changes might be the only thing you need to do to get these nasty things that stop you in your tracks to go away.

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