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With RUSK Hair Products there is no need to look any further for the best hair care! The line has exactly what you need to take your hair from big and sexy to textured and edgy. Some of their products really stand out to me but all the RUSK products really are so fabulous that they should all be recognized at least a little. Each of the RUSK hair products has been split up in to one of their lines: RUSK Being, RUSK Designer Series, RUSK Coral Therapy, Rusk Sensories, and Rusk Deep Shine.
I tend to really favor the styling line: Rusk Being for a number of reasons. One major advantage with them is that they are not only great but they are all formulated to be able to be used in combination with one another. The variety of products really helps to create exactly the looks you are going for. Oh, and even better each product also adds lots of shine – awesome! Now, if you, like many others, are concerned about how these products do in sunny and humid climates, not to worry because each product is made with ingredients that protect your hair from the sun’s UV rays and are humidity resistant.
I also came across RUSK’s wonderful line of shampoos at one of my many hair styling appointments. My natural brown color had begun to bore me and I had decided to make a huge change and go red! Needless to say after getting my color done I was in heaven and adored my totally new look but unfortunately before I new it, my red was fading. I knew I couldn’t live with a quick fading hair color so at my next color appointment I asked Annie, my friend and colorist of many years, for a recommendation on a hair product to remedy my specific situation. She quickly recommended that I look into RUSK.
The RUSK Sensories line uses a combination of botanical ingredients what RUSK calls compressed formulas. The compressed formulas are basically a concentrated version of a shampoo that is activated with addition of water and movement. For the budget conscious this is great because it takes less product than usual to wash your hair making a little go along way. More bang for your buck, gotta love that!
She specifically recommended their Pure Shampoo as my best bet. She made me aware that there were key ingredients that make this shampoo different than others. Traditionally Vitamin-E is the base for shampoos that protect your color from fading but instead this RUSK shampoo is based on Jasmine and Mandarin with silicone. In order for the shampoo to truly be effective and keep your color from fading, the silicone fills in the hair’s cuticle to keep the color sealed in longer.
This line really is complete and they have tried to offer something for the most common hair problems. With 8 RUSK shampoo and conditioners you have plenty of choices. Aloe and Passionflower make Sensories Smoother Shampoo ideal for someone that has dry and/or unmanageable hair while their Moist Shampoo can really help to re-hydrate, moisturize and almost lubricate your lovely locks with apricot and sunflower extract.
The latest thing RUSK has developed is a luxury line called Sensories Wellness. This line is definitely not for the economically challenged as their ingredients are exotic and costly but worth it. Some of the ingredients these hair products have are Gardenia Tahitensis Flower extract, Mango Seed Oil, and Moroccan Argan Oil. I have no doubt that these products will definitely deliver an amazing, naturally color-safe hair care regimen.
Although there are still many RUSK products I have left to try, I hope that this small insight has shown you that if you need help with your hair, RUSK really has lots of options. The hair care line has been in the industry for years and continues to update its products to reflect the latest in technology and nature to benefit our hair.

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