Ways to Improve Neck Pain

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Ways to Improve Neck Pain

Do you suffer from neck pain? You are not alone. Many people do on a daily basis.

As a chiropractor that has seen thousands of patients suffering from neck pain, I have a few suggestions that may bring you some relief.

Ditch that old pillow. Sometime just getting the right pillow can make all the difference. If you sleep a lot on your back try purchasing a “contoured” pillow that will help support the curve in your neck. If side sleeping is more your style, make certain that when you are laying on your side that your head is in a “neutral” state, or in other words that the distance between your ear and each shoulder is equal. Avoid at all costs sleeping on your stomach, as this forces you to turn your head to breath, thus stretching one side of your neck for hours on end.

Take work breaks. Get away from your desk, and look up. Look left and right. Try to reverse the action of your work. If you look down and often to the left, take a break by looking up and to the right. Avoid having the mouse to far in front of your reach. You should be able to have your arm bent at ninety degrees and still operate your mouse.

Hold the bottom of the steering wheel while driving for long distances. Patients that exclusively use one hand on top of the wheel often have shoulder and neck pain as a result.

Let the head dangle. Before sleeping, if your pain allows you, try laying on your back on your bed and letting your head stretch out at the end of your bed. Allow the weight of your head to gently stretch your neck. Hold this for one minute. Repeat each night.

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Try chiropractic care. We are experts in the spine, and treat neck pain on a daily basis. Often just a very gently manipulation of the bones in the neck can provide immediate relief.

Try a massage. A good massage therapist can relax the muscles that support the neck. Be sure to find a liscensed massage therapist that is familiar with trigger points or acupressure.

Do things that make you happy. This may sound simple, but many people do not know how to unwind. Stress is a huge trigger of neck pain and you must combat it by taking time for yourself.

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