When a Headache Becomes a Migraine

When a Headache Becomes a Migraine

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer headache everyday. But sometimes it is more then just ordinary pain – some of them suffer for migraine. The difference between a migraine and a normal head ache is that a migraine is a constant headache. A normal headache will occur occasionally and will go away after a short period of time. But if you have a migraine your head will hurt constantly with head aches occurring repeatedly. If you think you might have a migraine, start observing when the pain occurs. Make a note whenever you suffer headaches and try to recount the signs of it. Then compare headaches you recently have had to find out if your headache becomes a migraine or not.

One of the most common symptoms of having a migraine is seeing flashing lights. Everyone probably encountered it, when someone else took a picture of them. But for people who suffer migraine this feeling keeps up even for an hour.

Usually after aura (flashing lights) began, headache appears. The pain hits only one place on the head and sometimes it cause sickness and vomiting. People usually don’t have energy to walk or talk, all they need is darkness and quietness. It happens sometimes that patient can’t sleep because of the strong pain.

Unfortunately it is impossible to fight with migraine by medication. Even the best pain killer or aspirin can not stop the pain. The pain is connected with veins in the brain and their role in pumping blood.

But on the other hand nowadays people suffering for migraine might get help in stop it. The first step in treatment depends on observations of your health. Whenever you realize it might be a migraine you should go and see you doctor and get professional examination. Then you have to try to avoid things which might cause a migraine.

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Observation of your headache is the best solution in fighting against a migraine. But you do not have to go through that all alone. Seeing doctor and talking to him is very helpful as you can get professional advices and help. Keeping diaries with your notes about the headaches can help with finding things which make the headache worse. Sometimes even food can start migraine so it is very good idea to write down what you were eating.

Many people suffer migraine. It is hard to treat it, but nowadays patient get more help to overcome the pain. The most important for you is to observe your headache and use medical help to find out if your headache becomes a migraine.

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