A Common Complaint – Headache Caused by Neck Pain

A Common Complaint – Headache Caused by Neck Pain

I do have great amount of concern for my clients who suffer from neck pain. I know the problems of neck pain as I myself suffered from neck pain.

I’ve always been a positive upbeat person but I will admit that after living with chronic neck pain and associated side affects like headaches, even I wanted to throw in the towel more than once.

If you frequently experience headaches due to neck pain. The stiffness in the neck muscles or pain in the back of the neck will be the major reason.

These headache will not be very severe on the other hand they will be mild. When there is more pressure on the neck muscles the pain increases. The time the pain lasts can anything between few hours or days.

But sometimes it can spread to both sides of the head. Generally it pains only on one side of the head and the shoulder of the same side rarely.

In some cases, the headache can worsen and symptoms of migraine headache can occur. The following symptoms have also been reported: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision on the side of the headache, difficulty swallowing and sensitivity to light and sound.

They are most often caused by overuse of the neck muscles, stress and poor posture. The poor posture is generally a forward extension of the head and rounded back.

his is the posture what I was talking about. Just stop reading the article and notice your posture.

This is typical of computer users. These days, there’s very few of us who don’t spend at least a couple of hours per day on the computer.

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How could this be? Think about positioning a bowling ball on top of your head. If your posture is perfectly correct, this would be no problem. Now lean forward just a few inches – it’s now nearly impossible! Don’t underestimate just how heavy your head is in relation to the neck that’s supporting it.

Women are much affected with neck related headache as the report 4 times as much as men. How many men compared to women tend to stand with their shoulders straight and head up? This is not gender biased I just wanted you to watch.

Neck related headaches can be avoided by using an ergonomic chair if you use more of computer’s and correcting one’s posture.

In some circumstances we compensate it by using other muscles like jaw muscles and shoulder muscles. In rare cases neck pain can be caused by trauma.

This is why I highly recommend my all natural Neck Pain No More program. There is no strain involved, the exercises are simple to do and best of all, they don’t stress the already injured neck muscles which have cause you to seek relief!

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