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Taking Care of Your Straightened Hair

If you have got your hair treated and straightened then it is much more delicate now than before. Therefore it is important that you take good care of them so that they remain strong and healthy. A few of the things that can be done in order to take care of straightened hair have been explained below.
First and foremost handle your hair with the utmost care i.e. avoid rough treatment. This includes no brushing wet hair, no tight roller sets, avoid vigorous shampooing, clips and other styling methods. Thus let your hair to remain as natural as they possibly can.
Relaxed hair can simply be felt when you run your hands down your tresses. Also, there are a number of uniquely formulated hair products such as shampoos and conditioners that come especially for straightened and chemically treated hair. Such products only help retain the moisture and shine of your hair making them healthier and less fragile.
Also use the right kind of styling products. Again go for the products designed specifically for chemically treated hair. However do keep its usage within limits or it might lead to hair turning grimy. Also avoid those products that lead to dehydration of the hair strands such as lotions, gels and sprays.
Finally, go slow with the heat styling procedure. That is a bow dry or straightening or curling irons and hot rollers only weaken the hair leading to breakage, especially if these are used on a regular basis. However their occasional usage is fine as the damage is negligible and therefore can be overlooked.
Going for straightened hair might turn out to be a great thing for you, but it is also important that you take good care of your hair so that the benefits are long lasting and truly fulfilling.…

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Fast Safe Home Remedies for Weight Loss

There are many fast safe home remedies for weight loss, plenty of quick, easy cures to burn off fat, here are a few of the fastest working ones. If you don’t have these in your cupboard, you need to take a trip to any corner store or supermarket.
Caffeine: this spikes your metabolism and can help you burn more calories / body fat every single day. Just don’t put sugar in the coffee or it will cancel out the benefits.
MCT Oils: coconut oil and palm kernel oil are the ones with the best properties. These oils are appetite suppressors, lowest in calories out of all oils and are never stored as fat, but are burnt up but the liver straight away. Take a teaspoon with your meal at the start.
Exercise: you are smart enough to know that exercise burns a staggering amount of calories, so get a good dose of it every now and again. You don’t need a gym, check out one of my many articles for home workouts.
1 ingredient rule: you don’t have to become a fitness freak to lose weight, that is just madness. Cutting down on the fast food and eating a diet consisting mostly of foods that only have one ingredient such as fruit, vegetables, meats, nuts and seeds is the best option for weight loss.
Water: as odd as it might seem, drinking more water helps with weight loss. Water helps remove fat causing toxins, helps flush out blood streams and leaves you healthier than before. Switch cola and soda for water alone and you will see a big weight loss.
If you want the real low down on fat loss, without having to do agonizing dieting, strict meal plans and seeing crap results, I have something for you.…

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How to Help Your Child Play Soccer in the World Cup

As USA ends a hard fought World Cup game against the high ranked England, I couldn’t help thinking about my own children playing soccer. How would it feel to have my child play inthe World Cup? How would I feel just to see any of them play on that amazing stage? More importantly, how do I help my children continue to love the game and play at their top level.
So, how can we help them perform at their top level? I will give you the top 6 ways I help my children perform at the top level (while still having fun):
1. The Soccer Boot: Like most sports, soccer should be done with the correct shoegear (the soccer cleat or boot as it is often called). The design of the boot will allow correct functioning of the foot, better traction on the field and limit the most common injuries to the foot. It also facilitates the correct biomechanics of kicking.
2. Shin Guard: Most leagues recommend (and may demand) shin guard use. This is a protection of the front of the ankle to avoid bruising or even fractures to the tibia (shin bone). Many shin guards also provide some protection to the bones of an ankle.
3. Proper Nutrition: Proper hydration and diet eaten 30-45 minutes before warmup can lead to more energy during the game. Proper carbohydrate use and hydration, including electrolytes during the game can lead to a better energy throughout the game.
4. Proper Preparation: As with many sports, the conditioning of a player is imperative. For a regular soccer game, a player will run approximately 5 or 6 miles, so a player should be prepared to perform at this level during a typical match.
5. Dynamic Stretching: A proper warmup involves dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching includes stretching the muscles while moving (running or walking). Static stretching is more common, but usually doesn’t properly prepare the muscle for match conditions.
6. Play To Have Fun: When the game becomes a chore, most players don’t play as well. My recommendation is to play hard, but have fun. It is usually obvious to see when a player is having fun and they always play better.
Using these techniques, my children are loving to play soccer and are improving regularly. I continue to cheer and coach them at whatever level they are playing from recreation to competition levels and now even high school soccer. What a great game for my children! Go USA!…

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Stop Aging Of Your Skin By Anti-Aging Products

Aging is an ongoing process that brings various changes in your body. Nowadays, most of the people are worried about their premature aging due to their modern lifestyle. Women are anxious about their skin changes like blemishes, wrinkles, and other premature age sings even if their age is exceeding 20s or 30s. This is quite natural that worrying about your skin, but worrying will is not at all good as it speed up the aging process even more.
One can stop his/her aging process by using some stop aging products that are available in the marketplace. These products can help in looking your skin and body younger and healthier too. One of the best ways to keep your skin look young and bright is to drink lots of water. Drinking more water can eliminate toxin substances from your body, keeps your body clean, and prevents from various diseases.
In general, you should drink about eight full glasses of water a day. Toxin substances are eliminated from your body by sweat. So, every day exercise also helps in keeping your skin and body healthy. Immediate shower wash after your exercise can wash out the maximum toxic substances. There are wide ranges of products for your skin to cut down the aging process and look younger.
There are lots of products available in the marketplace for skin care. You ought to choose the right products that will not harm your skin. It is better to use only natural or organic products for your skin. These products are effective and will not harm your skin. Vitamin C is the most popular one which is available in many of the skin care products. This will help in reducing the aging process and brings glow to your skin. These products are stored in the right place. If these products material or cream turns yellow, they should not be used.
Nowadays, most of the stop aging stores are offering wide varieties of natural skin care products that are safe and do not harm your skin. Using moisturising creams can also stop the aging process and help you look younger with glowing skin. Applying moisturizer immediately after a face wash will help your skin from UV rays and it will help in maintaining the moisture balance of your skin. Overuse of these moisturisers may cause clogged pores.
Stop aging stores are widely available to us which help in shopping the right product online. There are few stop aging stores also provide doctors advice online and clarify your doubts instantly. So choose the right store for purchasing stop aging products for your skin and stop premature aging of your skin.…

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Winter Hair Care Guidelines

Looking after your hair during the winter months can be a constant struggle. The cold weather outside combined with the dry heat indoors can result in damage to your flowing locks. This can lead to your hair becoming brittle, dull and dry.
So here at Colchester Hairdresser we have come up with some preventative measures that should help protect your hair during those harsh winter months.
Cover your Hair: Wear a scarf, cap or hat to protect your hair from the wind and the cold. Ensure firstly they are not too tight as this can restrict circulation in your scalp. Try to avoid woollen hats directly on your hair as this can make your hair greasy.
Infrequent shampooing: Only shampoo your hair when really necessary to avoid making your scalp and hair dry. When washing your hair we would also advise only using warm or cool water, never hot water.
Conditioner: Use a good conditioner daily, perhaps a leave-on conditioner if your hair is dry and brittle. Brace yourself and use cold water when rinsing as this helps lock moisture in your hair.
Products: Use hair styling products that will add volume, replenish and moisturise your hair. If in doubt ask your stylist which products they would advise for your hair type.
Hairdryer: An obvious major contributor to damaged dry hair. Use as little as possible and always on a lower heat to help protect your locks. To reduce static use a little hairspray on your hairbrush, brushing through from top to bottom.
Curling Tongs: During the winter limit the use as much as is possible to prevent damaging hair.
Wet hair: Do not go out with your hair still wet as your risk your hair freezing which could lead to split ends.
We hope this helps you towards looking after your hair during the winter. Keep an eye our shortly for more hints and tips from your Colchester Hairdresser.
Until next time.…

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Diet of Centenarians – How to Live Like a Japanese

So, doctors and researchers in many studies and observations of centenarians came to the conclusion that they have less than others, manifested a variety of deterioration of the brain. They almost did not suffer from memory disorders, attention and thought processes.
According to American scientists frequent consumption of soy protein results in accelerated destruction of brain cells. Older people who are actively involved in your eating tofu, sharply reduced the level of memory and other mental processes, as compared with those people who this product is excluded.
According to scientists, fully balanced diet helps slow the aging brain, to prolong active life. A very important condition for such a diet is the regular consumption of antioxidants. Young people have antioxidants in the cells themselves, but with age, their activity is greatly reduced, and the aging process accelerates. Gradually, the regulation violated the functioning of cells in the body are manifested pathological features senile. Natural antioxidants now can be used as food supplements or, for example, in the form of seafood.
Diet of centenarians is extremely simple. It includes only a few main principles:
– you should reduced food (the elder you become);
– pay attention to low-calorie and low fat products;
– eat meat no more than twice a week;
– regularly have to adhere to the Japanese diet – the week when the power is limited to rice, fish and fresh vegetables;
– this diet for weight loss including vitamins A, C and E;
– you should learn from the experience of Switzerland and eat more high-quality cheese, yogurt;
– before you go to bed, you can drink a glass of red dry wine.…

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Things Everyone Should Know About Their Diabetes

There is a lot of medicine out there you can take if you have diabetes, but there’s also a lot you can do on your own to fight against the disease. Changing your lifestyle is the best way you can control your diabetes, and this article will clue you in on some ways that you can manage the ailment.

If you’re working to lose weight and keep your Diabetes in check but can’t find any healthy breakfast options with protein that you enjoy, try a smoothie. You can buy protein powder at a health food store (make sure to ask if it has any sugar or artificial sweeteners) and you can put a scoop in to up the nutritional punch!

Find a diabetic friend to support you through your journey with diabetes. You’ll be able to swap ideas, share recipes and just have a shoulder to cry on when things get stressful. You can even give them a call when you’re having a craving and they’ll talk you through it! Friends can keep you sane and that’s especially true, if they’re going through the same hardship that you are.

It is possible to lower your blood sugar with exercise, so give it a try and see what it does for you. Make sure to test yourself immediately after you exercise to make sure your blood sugar has gone down to a level that is tolerable, otherwise you’ll have to take your insulin.

If you are diabetic, one of the most important tips to follow is to have a proper diet. A proper diet consists of plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. This type of diet is important for overall health for anybody, but for diabetics it’s important in order to keep blood sugar under control. As an added benefit, following a diet plan like this will also help you to lose weight.

To increase your sensitivity to insulin, maintain an active lifestyle. Studies have shown that insulin has a stronger effect on those who engage in plenty of physical activity. This will make sure your blood sugar levels stay in a healthy range, and will make it easier for you to manage your diabetes.


Hey there, Diabetics! Have you ever thought of turning your burger inside out? Well, not exactly, but putting the lettuce on the outside will get rid of that carbohydrate-laced bun and increase the amount of vegetables you’re eating. Replace the hamburger with a lentil patty for an even healthier treat!

You can make a sandwich into a lettuce wrap, or even use it on a burger as a bun, but have you thought of doing a hot dog wrap? If you buy preservative-free hot dogs for a once-a-month treat, wrap them in a piece of lettuce to make them a bit healthier!

As previously stated, it’s going to take a lifestyle change to stave off the negative side effects of diabetes. This, unfortunately, is a lot easier said than done. You may have learned a few new tactics in this article, but now it’s up to you to use them correctly if you hope to thrive with diabetes.…