Winter Hair Care Guidelines

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Looking after your hair during the winter months can be a constant struggle. The cold weather outside combined with the dry heat indoors can result in damage to your flowing locks. This can lead to your hair becoming brittle, dull and dry.
So here at Colchester Hairdresser we have come up with some preventative measures that should help protect your hair during those harsh winter months.
Cover your Hair: Wear a scarf, cap or hat to protect your hair from the wind and the cold. Ensure firstly they are not too tight as this can restrict circulation in your scalp. Try to avoid woollen hats directly on your hair as this can make your hair greasy.
Infrequent shampooing: Only shampoo your hair when really necessary to avoid making your scalp and hair dry. When washing your hair we would also advise only using warm or cool water, never hot water.
Conditioner: Use a good conditioner daily, perhaps a leave-on conditioner if your hair is dry and brittle. Brace yourself and use cold water when rinsing as this helps lock moisture in your hair.
Products: Use hair styling products that will add volume, replenish and moisturise your hair. If in doubt ask your stylist which products they would advise for your hair type.
Hairdryer: An obvious major contributor to damaged dry hair. Use as little as possible and always on a lower heat to help protect your locks. To reduce static use a little hairspray on your hairbrush, brushing through from top to bottom.
Curling Tongs: During the winter limit the use as much as is possible to prevent damaging hair.
Wet hair: Do not go out with your hair still wet as your risk your hair freezing which could lead to split ends.
We hope this helps you towards looking after your hair during the winter. Keep an eye our shortly for more hints and tips from your Colchester Hairdresser.
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