Cluster Migraines and Cluster Headache Symptoms – Things You Need To Know

Cluster Migraines and Cluster Headache Symptoms – Things You Need To Know

Cluster headaches cause a lot of people so much problems and pain. They are so very painful that they are most likely to be dramatic and pronounced. The most common symptoms are shocking sensations or stabbing. The pain begins around the eye or on one side of the face. The pain can spread through the neck, shoulder, and lower face. In most cases the affected area of the symptoms is the area of the eye where it usually begins.

Migraines and cluster headaches have different symptoms since it does not include throbbing. Right after the initial symptom which is the stabbing sensation, the pain will usually settle into a deep ache. It also gives a very unique pattern where the pain can attack anywhere. The suffering could stretch into hours, days and even weeks. The pain will occur in clusters of time and can even last for a month.

One of the worst symptoms is when a person can’t even wake up bearing with the severe pain. It chooses no time to attack since it will occur unexpectedly at any time of the day. Some people describe the feeling like their eyes are falling and they would experience the feeling of tearing eye. The pain is described as sharp and it is usually on just one side of the face. Other cluster headache symptoms are congestion in the sinus cavity area where there is a feeling of uneasiness and heaviness.

Many patients report that these symptoms usually occur during the teen cycle or early twenties. Regular migraines and headaches usually make an affected person quite calm. With these symptoms, there are reports that affected persons can become agitated, violent and restless. With these kinds of symptoms and actions, the person must be helped with a serious medication and pain management program. A physician should be there to support the person not only to reduce the pain from the cluster headache symptoms but also emotionally, since this really makes the person frustrated and devastated.

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