Migraine – How to Comfort?

Migraine – How to Comfort?

With the name ‘Migraine’, a scary picture of blinding pain flashes in the mind. Its root cause is still unknown although our medical specialists have discovered the root causes of many other complicated problems.

A larger percentage of women suffer from ‘Migraine’. It may erupt at any hour of the day. Severe pain bothers for periods ranging 12-72 hours. There could be many other details but everybody is interested in only one thing – relief.

I have come across many cases of severe headaches & migraine. The patients reported that they had been sufferings from Migraine for couple of years.

I, being an Acupressure therapist, applied a simple mild pulsating pressure on couple of designated points on the skull and the patients reported 50% – 80% relief within 21 days.

The results have been quite surprising even for me but after giving a concentrated thought I could sense the following reason:

Every living thing has been enabled by the nature to maintain and repair its systems. Speed of improvement may depend on the species and its immune power. The process of repair may cause some side effects which are reflected in the form of uneasiness such as: pain, fever and swelling. If the uneasiness seems to be beyond control, the mental reflexes try to reduce it by way of scratching, massaging corresponding parts of the body.

The brain coordinates the information that it receives from all parts of the body. In case of any problem with any group of nerves, pains could be a reflex effect. Even the working of the affected nerves might disturb the normal functioning of the corresponding system.

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Proper mild pulsating massage at the designated reflex points for 30 seconds on each point, could offer soothing activation to the group of affected nerves. Thus 4-5 minutes’ session could offer relief to the patient of migraine/severe headache. Usually the patient needs to go for 8-11 sessions.

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