Natural Home Remedies for Headache, Symptoms and Associated Causes

Natural Home Remedies for Headache, Symptoms and Associated Causes

One of the most common health-related problems that most of us face at some point of time is Headache. Also known as cephalgia, it is such an issue that often made our days worse. It mainly refers to the pain that we feel in the region of our head, due to the upset pain-sensitive structures around our brain.

Headache generally varies from mild to severe and sometime can pose a threat to life being chronic. The most common form of headache is known as tension-type, which accounts for about 90% cases (as mentioned in Wikipedia) and happens on account of stained muscles in neck and head. If you are prone to severe recurring headache, accompanied by other symptoms like nausea or light sensitivity, you might be approaching the stage of migraine. This later form of headache generally affects one side of our head and is more common in women than man.

Symptoms and associated causes: In order to treat any physical disorder, the most essential action is to identify the nature of the disorder and the factors responsible. Tension-type headache, being very common is accompanied by symptoms like invariant pressure in both sides of the head, pressure concentration over the eyebrows, mild and non-recurring ache, etc. As against of this, migraine is usually more severe and recurring. It gets to aggravate with daily routine activities like walking upstairs. Migraine may occur with aura (early indicative symptoms) like nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity or phonophobia in some cases.

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Muscle strain, depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, improper posture, etc are usual causes of headache. Clenching of the teeth and alcoholic drinks can also trigger tension-type or migraine headache. Exact causes are still remained unknown.

Home Remedies: We can treat headache at home by ourselves with the help of some useful natural remedies as discussed below

1. Rosemary: Massage your forehead with rosemary oil regularly. It would be beneficial in headache caused by cold.

2. Clove: Take few cloves and grind it to make a paste. Apply it on your forehead for quick relief.

3. Lemon: Another effective natural home remedy is to use lemon crust and water in the form of a paste. You have to apply this all over your forehead.

4. Honey: Take one teaspoon of honey and mix it in a glass of water. Drink this solution in an empty stomach in order to get relief from chronic headache.

5. Apple: Stripe the skin off an apple and cut it into pieces. Then add a little salt to it and eat before breakfast.

6. Ginger: You can also inhale the steam of boiling gingers.

7. Garlic: Extract juice from few garlic’s and then use it as nasal drops. This is an effective way to deal headache.

8. Henna: Take some flowers of henna and rub them in vinegar. Later apply this on your forehead. It would help you to find relief in case of headache caused by heat.

Likewise, there are many other natural home remedies available to treat headache successfully. Use of eucalyptus oil, paste of cinnamon, and sandalwood powder are always beneficial. However, it should be remembered that headache itself can be a symptom of other bodily disorders and therefore, use of the natural remedies will be useful, if you treat medically the underlying problems the same time. Furthermore, do regular exercises and take proper sleep at night. Avoid all alcoholic beverages and junk foods.

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