Relieve a Stress Related Headache in Four Minutes

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Relieve a Stress Related Headache in Four Minutes

Most headaches are the result of stress, tiredness or plain overwork – working too long without taking a break. The best way to cope with them is to avoid the conditions that seem to cause them. Easy to say, but if you know that if you work too long at your desk you tend to get headache, then it is better for you not to work too long at your desk and take a regular break. Following short exercises, if practiced regularly, should be helpful in giving you relieve from any headaches you have already.

1.) Headache Remedy. There is no magical cure for your headache but one very simple remedy is to gently massage the whole of your face with your fingers. Use smooth downward strokes to stimulate the blood circulation. Add to this massaging your neck, shoulders and back. Ask a friend or partner to help you to do this.

2.) Acupressure. To relieve pain around the forehead, press firmly into the fleshy areas above the ends of your eyebrows. Using the tips of your index and middle fingers, keep the pressure on for the count of ten, then relax it. Repeat until your headache eases. Six times will ease it in a minute.

3.) Third Eye. Place the tip of your middle finger on the spot above the ridge of your nose and below the center of your forehead. Press firmly for the count of fifteen, then relax the pressure. Repeat three times to give yourself a one-minute exercise for headache relief.

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4.) Beat the Drum. This exercise affects the twin acupoints on either side of your cervical vertebrae. Place your hands on either side of your head with your fingers flat on the back of your neck. Drum your fingers at the base of your skull for a count of sixty. This should relieve any pain you have at the back of your head. If this doesn’t feel enough, the next time pat the head to give a little more pressure.

Those small one-minute exercises can be squeezed in any time needed and should relief your headache if not caused by medical circumstances. In that case you should consult a physician immediately.

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