How to Massage Migraine Headache Away

How to Massage Migraine Headache Away

Migraine headache is a result of blood vessels enlargement, which induces the discharge of chemical substances from neural fibers that are coiling around the big arteries of human brain. When the blood vessels are enlarged, the nerves that coil around them will be strained. When that happens, the nerves will release chemicals that cause pain, inflammation, and more artery enlargement. The consequence of increased enlargement of the arteries is increased pain.

Usually, the symptoms of migraine headaches can be referred to as extreme, pounding or throbbing pain on one temple. Occasionally, the pain occurs at the forehead, the back of the head, or around the eye. It normally occurs on only one side of the head. Nonetheless, about one third of the time, it occurs on both sides.

A study has shown that massage can help eliminate migraine headaches. Whenever our neck muscles are tight, particularly the occipital muscle groups at the base of the skull, irritation to the Greater Occipital Nerve (GON) occurs. GON is the nerve that runs through the center of the sub-occipital triangle i.e. small muscle groups on each side of the upper neck. The GON innervates areas over the ears and the scalp. Whenever GON is irritated, headache will definitely occur.

Headache or tight muscles could depress even the most joyful person in the world. Luckily, now we could treat this illness by massaging. The advantages of massage are the increased blood flow, muscle relaxation, and reduced stress. You can now include the solution of headache into those numerous benefits. Whenever you suffer from a headache, the following steps should be done.

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1) Make yourself more comfortable by lying back on a sofa or reclining chair.

2) Bright light can worsen the headache so it is suggested to dim the lights.

3) Begin with massaging the shoulders and neck.

4) Work all the way up to where the GON starts i.e. the base of your neck. Concentrate on all areas that you feel tight and painful. Several headache sufferers have knots inside their muscles referred to as trigger points. If somebody presses and holds the trigger point, the sufferer will feel pain shooting up the head, which reproduces the headache. This is the spot that needs to be relaxed with massage.

5) Massage the scalp, in which the GON nerve endings are situated.

6) Finally, put on your temples the pads of your fingers. Press them down gently and move in small circles.

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