Two Headache Removal Tools To Consider Now

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Two Headache Removal Tools To Consider Now

No one likes to deal with a pounding headache, but it can be tricky to get rid of one. There are, however, two tools that you can use to help you to get rid of the pain immediately, and the chances are good that you have both of them on hand.

Is there anything worse than having a pounding in your skull? It may be right behind your eyes, or it might be way in the back of your skull. Either way, a pain in your head, known as a headache, is not something that anyone wants to deal with. Most people can take a few pills and can have their headache disappear in just a few short minutes. Some people, however, find that their headaches transform into something more sinister, known as a migraine. If you’re suffering from a headache, or a migraine, and medications aren’t working, there are two great ways to eliminate that pounding now.


Water can be extremely soothing, and one way to get rid of a migraine or headache is to utilize some very hot water. In many cases, a headache is caused by a large amount of blood rushing to the brain. In order to get the blood to move elsewhere, you need to use some hot water. Jump into a very hot shower and make sure that you keep your head out of the shower. As you stand there the water will start rushing to the very hot parts of your body, leaving the brain. Stay in the shower as long as you can stand (without burning yourself, of course) but instead of just jumping out of the shower, slowly turn the heat on the shower down. If you jump right of the shower you’ll likely find that the head pain returns fairly quickly. Once you’ve gotten the water temperature to room temperature, you can get out.

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You can also use cold water to help you with your headache. Go into a dark room and bring water in a cold bin along with a washcloth. Then recline on the bed, in complete darkness without any noises, if possible, and put the cloth on the back of your neck. This cools the head and helps to take the pain away, although you may find that you have to lay down for quite awhile in order to completely get rid of the headache.

Fresh Air

Sometimes a walk in the fresh, cool air is all you need to get rid of a headache. There are many times when a headache is caused by the sinuses, and when you breathe in the cool air the sinuses are able to be cleared enough to take the pain away. If it is cool in your area and not too bright, head outside and take some very deep breaths. Take a slow walk in a quiet area, if possible. If not, go into your bathroom and shut off the lights. Let the cool water run for awhile and breathe in the coolness from the shower.

If your headache has passed beyond the point where you can handle the pain any longer, you may want to visit a headache clinic. Professionals there often have the experience and technology necessary to help you to get rid of your headache or migraine.

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