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Natural Headache Cure

Suffering from headaches is not something that you would consider fun; depending on the type of headache, it can be downright brutal. One of the best natural cures for a headache is to going to a chiropractic clinic because they can realign your spine, which can help the headaches go away. If you are unsure about going to a chiropractor another option that you have in treating the headaches is various home remedies. A natural headache cure does not use any over the counter medication, which means less chance of side effects.

One natural headache cure that you can try is lemons, which there are quite a few different treatments that involve using lemon. One method is to get three or four slices of lemon and squeeze the juice into a cup of tea. Mix the tea and lemon together and drink it to cure your headache. Another method is taking the lemon peel and pounding it into a fine paste, which can be done using a mortar and a bowl. Once the lemon peel has been crushed into a paste, apply the paste to your forehead for almost immediate relief. You can also apply the fresh, lemon rinds to each temple to provide relief from headaches.

Apples are something else that you can use to cure a variety of different types of headaches. To get rid of chronic headaches with an apple you will need to get a ripe apple and remove the upper rind and the hard inner portion of the apple. Each of these pieces should be taken with a little bit of salt on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. For the best possible results you will want to eat the apple for at least a week, you can go longer if needed.

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