Your Diet May Not Be Complete For a Long Time, But it Has Begun

Your diet may not be complete for a long time, but it has begun, and will continue. Your diet will succeed because you will succeed. Your will alone can make it work.
Good eating habits will not be established in a single effort. Not in one, two, or ten. Good eating habits will become habits only by your will and over the long term. Your new mantra is: Just for today I will…
Your new self will begin on a day like today. Are you ready? It will continue on days like tomorrow, as long as you remain sincerely committed to it, and to “the you” that is dormant, awaiting release. Be that person. Be the one that can do whatever she wants. You deserve it. Your future deserves it.
Everything you have ever known is past. Everything you have ever planned is past. Everything you have ever wanted is past. Everything you have ever done is past, good, bad, or indifferent. The past is gone. It is PAST.
Any plans you made, anything you knew, anything you ever wanted are all in the past. You cannot change it or alter it in any way. It is past. You do not have a need to be bound to the past, because you will never live there again.
You can only live NOW.
From now forward you can plan, want, know, and do, as a new person, not a past person. You have THIS moment. Everything else is past or future. You can make a new future this second and change it in the next second, because everything is either now, past or future, and future has not arrived. If you plan and it doesn’t get done, make a new plan. If you learn and it has no meaning, learn something else. Every instant is your current now. If you couldn’t lose weight in the past, you can in the now. If you just lost weight, then you did that in the past and can do it again in the now. As you go towards the future, which is every second of every day in front of you, you can take each now as a step toward that future.
Do you want to lose weight? Lose weight NOW, not tomorrow, not next month, not after Thanksgiving, not at swimsuit season, just now. Only lose weight now. Do not worry about when you did or didn’t lose weight. It is past. Do not worry about losing weight in the future. That, too, is not where you are. You are in the NOW, this very second. That is the only time slot you can work in. Anything else is past, or not here yet. You can’t change the past, and you can’t be sure of the future, so just fix the now.
It’s easy. Do you want a banana split? Great. Have it in the future, not right now. The same with extra fries, or supersize. It’s okay to have those, but not just now. In the future, yes, but not in the now. Right now, you will wait and have those later.

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