Amazing Almond Oil for Skin and Hair Care

Organic almond oils ability to soften and condition skin made it as one of the oil of choice for body massage. Many massage therapists prefer this oil because it is highly lubricating and does not penetrate the skin easily. This allows time to spread the essential oil all over the body providing a good massage to relieve muscular aches and pains.
This essential oils is lightweight and contains glycoside, vitamins and minerals and is rich in protein. It is very high in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant which helps prevent aging. It also contains calcium, magnesium and essential fatty acids that help in the relief of dry and irritated skin.
Almond oil is pale yellow to golden color and has a nutty flavorful odor. It is obtained from the dried kernels of the sweet almond that is native to the Mediterranean climate region of Middle East. Global production of almond is around 1.5 million tons a year and despite its origins, California produces 80% of the almonds worldwide and 100% of the United States commercial supply. Using the cold pressed process, oil extracted from the dried kernels is a 100% natural skin care product.
Almond oil is naturally hypoallergenic and is safe for all skin types even for sensitive skin and baby’s skin.
It is recommended for daily use except to those allergic to nuts. It is an excellent emollient and has been used as one of the key ingredients of lotion, creams and other body care products. It helps soften skin and balances moisture loss and absorption promoting younger looking skin and improves skin complexion.
Organic almond essential oil is also excellent in hair care. It is especially beneficial in the treatment and prevention of hair fall. It’s rich vitamin E content and essential minerals and fatty acids such as Oleic acid, Omega-9 and Omega – 6 are helpful in strengthening hair roots. Applying a few drops of almond oil in the fingertips and massaging into scalp daily in slow circular motion a few hours before shampooing can bring back a healthy lustrous hair.
Other health benefits of almond oil:
-Soothe skin irritation and inflammation
-Delays aging process
-Clears complexion and lightens dark circles
-Relieves dry and irritated skin
-Effective in the treatment of skin disorders such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.
-Treatment of chapped lips
-Treatment of body rash
-Relieves strained muscles
-Controls hair fall
-Promotes hair growth
-Reduces cholesterol
-Improves nervous system

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