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Black Hair Care Tips For the Active Woman

African American women cannot afford to let the excuse “I don’t want to mess up my hair” keep them from meeting the recommended guidelines for physical activity. It is well know that African American women have higher rates of being either overweight or obese when compared to their peers. A main contributor to this occurrence is lack of exercise. Several barriers have been cited as reasons why African American do not workout including time, environment and finances. A new barrier recently researched is hair care maintenance. A survey conducted by Wake Forest University showed that 31% of the women surveyed were less active on purpose out of concern for their hair and style maintenance. This is a valid concern since African American women spend and average of $100 on salon visits or the negative effects sweat has on their hair. Salt in the sweat can dry the hair and make it more fragile. In addition, applying excess heating due to the use of hair dryers and flat irons may cause the hair to become brittle and lead to breakage. Many hair stylists believe that high heat applied to the hair should not be done several times during the week. Below are several tips for active African American women to protect and maintain hair before and during and after workouts.
Before the workout:
For long hair, either clip the hair off the neck, with a butterfly clip or ribbon tie. Neither method will leave indentations in the hair. Women with long or short hair can tie the hair up in a cotton bandanna or scarf. However, this is not advised for those who sweat excessively in inner portions of their head. This will cause swelling for women with natural hair and will cause the hair to feel brittle for women with relaxed hair. The bottom line is to make sure the hair is off the neck and hairline.
During the workout:
It is important to stay hydrated. Without enough water, the hair will lack moisture. For women who sweat a lot, periodically pat dry the hair to remove excess sweat.
After the workout:
For all hair types and styles, apply a small amount of leave-in moisturizer. For those who wear straight hair, after applying the moisturizer, wrap the hair and keep it tied tightly till you are ready for styling. For curly hair styles, after moisturizing, wear a bonnet if the plan is to blow dry and style. No bonnet needed if the plan is to keep it curly. For those who did not sweat a lot, after unwrapping the hair, finger style or flat iron with a light serum or light pomade to add moisture and shine back to the hair. For the heavy sweaters, apply a leave in thermal conditioner before blow-drying the hair on low heat. Then apply a small amount of serum before styling.
Weekly maintenance:
The active African American women should wash and condition their hair weekly and deep condition bi-weekly. Let the conditioner sit on the hair for 15 minutes before rinsing. Make sure to get protein treatments and conditioning treatments by a stylist. This will help you maintain great looking hair.…

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Toned Muscles Are The Best Solution To Losing And Maintaining Your Weight

We all have seen the magazine headlines -‘Lose 20 Pounds in Four Weeks’ ‘Get Thinner Thighs in 9 Minutes a Week’ or ‘Diet Your Way to Wealth and Happiness’. They vie not only for our attention but our dollars as they try and goad us into digging deep into our wallets. Weight and more importantly weight loss may be our greatest obsession.
It is not surprising the most people give weight loss as the reason for starting an exercise program and it is one method that assists with weight loss. Attempting to reduce food intake is the more common approach. Diets, diet pills and supplements are very big business. It is estimated that in the US along more than thirty billion dollars is spent each year on weight loss programs and products.
That is a lot of money when you consider that losing body fat is not that difficult to do – well in principle anyway. If we take in more fuel (calories) than we use each day we will end up storing the excess as fat. And the opposite occurs when we eat fewer calories that we use our body will utilize some of our stored body fat to supply the short-fall.
This all sounds right in theory but when we reduce our food intake such as in a diet it can have some serious drawbacks. Our body does not like being denied food and will use precious muscle tissue for energy rather then use up all its fat stores. The reduction in muscle tissue lowers the metabolic rate putting the brakes on fat loss and makes ongoing fat loss very difficult.
Follow-up research of people who have been on diets show that any weight lost is usually regained within a few months of the diet being over. The human body is not very tolerant of change and tends to counter and adjust itself against any shift. It does everything it can to hold on to its fat stores and we are wired this way for protection from famine situations of times gone past from our ancient history.
A better approach to losing weight is to boost our metabolism (our bodies engine) so it burns more calories every minute of the day and night. Unlike dieting which leaves us feeling short-changed and deprived, proper strength training exercise adds something positive to our health and well-being – the physical activity that we are engineered to do.
Toning up your muscle tissue offers a double whammy against excess flab. Firstly, it is vigorous physical exercise and burns a significant number of calories during a session. Secondly, toned muscle tissue created by strength training exercise increases the metabolic rate which over time will burn up any excess body fat. Our muscle tissue is highly active tissue and has high energy requirements.
Like the magazine headline says dieting your way to happiness is an unlikely a prospect as getting thinner thighs in 9 minutes a week is. But developing a healthier functioning metabolic motor by firming and toning your muscles is an achievable goal – one that will reshape your body, improve your appearance, increase physical capacity and ultimately boost your self-esteem.…

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New CGMPs Make Product Testing a Key Factor in Manufacturing

By June 25, 2010, the dietary supplement industry concludes an event that will have historical significance. It would complete the last stage in a three-part installation of the FDA GMPs bringing a new level of high-quality standards for the entire dietary supplement industry.
The new rules and regulations under the cGMPs range from tighter manufacturing practices to detailed documentation, new personnel regulations and detailed product testing. Raising the bar on quality manufacturing will, no doubt, serve to enhance the image of the supplement industry. Consumers will have the confidence of knowing that the products they hold in their hands have undergone intense quality testing standards for manufacturing before being sold for consumption.
Product Testing and the cGMPs
In the past, the emphasis of product testing was on the finished product. Under the new GMPs, however, testing is used as a means of quality control. It begins prior to manufacturing with detailed documentation of finished product specifications, manufacturing processes and process controls and tests that would be used to ensure reliable results. Manufacturers must also specify the identity, purity, strength and composition related to raw materials used, specifying limits on types of contaminants that may adulterate or lead to adulteration of the end-product.
Testing and examinations must be set in place to ensure a controlled manufacturing environment, requiring the use of analytical equipment and the employment of additional professional personnel with extensive documentation at every level of manufacturing. While the type of testing is left to the discretion of the manufacturer, it must conform to valid scientific methods. The new regulations for quality testing of products may pose a problem for smaller manufacturers who want to continue producing high-quality supplements, but may not have the capital to invest in expensive analytical equipment and additional personnel.
GMP-Certified Manufacturing Facility
One sure way such manufacturers can keep their products flowing in the market is through contract manufacturing with private label supplement manufacturers that have a fully-equipped lab with analytical equipment and a GMP-certified facility. Vitacap Labs, a superior-quality private label vitamin manufacturer, has already had their manufacturing facility certified by the NNFA, a third party GMP certifier and was more than ready to meet quality standards of the cGMPs. Besides superior-quality manufacturing, a unique advantage with Vitacap Labs is the option of placing small order quantities-with minimum orders starting at just 96 bottles! In addition, they offer you the freedom to mix and match any combination of their stock formulas to meet this minimum! Facilitated by high-speed, advanced machinery, 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed to meet your pre-specified manufacturing, packaging and delivery requirements.…

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Powerful Teen Weight Loss Tips

Teen weight loss tips need to be inspiring and motivating and of course, achievable so that the teenager in question, sticks to their plan and even has fun with it. If you are planning some teen weight loss tips for someone within your family, really consider their personalities prior to writing a fitness plan and think about how they handle challenges and of course, whether they might give in a little too easily.
Knowing someone really well can help when scheduling a new health regime because it can be made much more personalised and adapted to suit. Teen weight loss tips must be written in a way that the teenager can grasp the context of the message, they must be written in a way that talks to them and not at, and they should be written in a supportive manner so that the messages do not sound condescending in any way.
If your teen has a close friend that they confide in and spend a lot of time with, it might be an idea to incorporate their help or assistance within your schedule as sharing a health and fitness schedule would be much more fun. To write powerful teen weight loss tips that work, remember, that it is important that you speak their language.
Here are some teen weight loss tips to start you off:
1. Make if fun. Whilst changing eating habits so that they are much healthier is a serious subject, your teenager just wants to achieve their goals and get on with their life. Incorporate a little fun into the plan so that the schedule serves to motivate and not dictate. Get them to join a salsa class or go ice-skating for example; they don’t have to work out in a gym.
2. Boost their self-esteem whenever possible. Within your schedule should be mini challenges that will leave them feeling good about themselves. If you can make their weight loss program enjoyable, it will help them to stick with it.
3. Be understanding if they give in to temptation once in a while. They will probably feel a little guilty at their loss of control, so be supportive and get them back on track again.
4. Spend some time together working out menus. Discuss nutrients so that they understand what to look for in food and what to avoid. Above all, let them participate and make choices.
5. Set manageable goals for them and watch them grow in confidence and pride as well as reduce in size.
Match the teen weight loss tips to the individual and you will be onto a winner, just remember that it should never become a battle because learning to eat healthily is an important part of growing up.…

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Men'S Health

A Healthy Diet For A Healthy Hair

There have been numerous articles stating how important the food we eat is for our disposition and physical aspect. Following the same pattern, we may easily infer that the beauty of our crowning glory is definitely correlated with the products we normally eat. Here are a few pieces of advice that will help you restore the beauty of your hair through the help of several special ingredients.
The deficit of minerals in our body is the main cause leading to hair loss; therefore, you need to enrich your day to day diet with products that contain zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B-12, selenium and omega-3. You may choose to assimilate these minerals by taking special supplements from the drug store, but if you want to avoid getting too many proteins, you should procure minerals from food.
Fish and, particularly salmon, is very rich in omega-3, a key ingredient for a healthy luscious hair. The omega-3 protein stimulates the production of keratin, a natural protective barrier that will prevent hair from getting brittle and dull. For that matter, it is advisable that you eat fish at least once a week if you want your locks to grow longer and stronger.
Dark green vegetables are rich in vitamin A which impedes the aging of our cells, including the cells of the capillaries. Women lose most of their hair because, similar to our skin, the capillaries grow old and they get increasingly frailer until they break. You can prolong the life of your tresses by eating spinach, broccoli, beans, etc. This way your hair will produce more sebum and your capillaries will be naturally conditioned.
Most natural hair masks contain eggs and this is because this product is extremely good for your locks. If you combine eggs with dairy products and try to eat them as often as you can, your hair will grow thicker, healthier and shinier.
As efficient as these natural recipes and healthy diets may be, you still need to protect your tresses on the outside, that is, to apply treatments and masks. Hairdressers in London produce the best organic products, so you can still avoid additives or toxic substances, two of the most dangerous agents for our hair and skin.…

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Hair Dressers – Trends In The Industry

People are still reeling with the effects of the recent recession and will still be looking for bargains in 2010, and this goes for those trips to the hairdresser as well. Many are opting to colour their hair at home, although there are still those who prefer to leave this in the hands of the professionals.
As far as hair colour goes, highlights will still be popular all over the world, although this year will see softer, understated highlights – this will give the hair that expensive shine – instead of chunky, bold colors. Colour trends in the hairdressing industry for 2010 are sure to be exciting and mind blowing!
Personalised products will come to the fore this year as well. Hair care giants are sure to bring in numerous personalised, prescriptive hair products this year. Featured products will be those offering the client more than one solution for their specific hair type. 2010 will be geared towards brilliant service, and offering clients take-home products that are perfect for their hair type.
With people all over the world becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, natural hair care will become extremely popular. This year will see hair salons world wide offering all types of natural hair care available. 2010 will see hairdressers as well as trends in the industry becoming more environmentally conscious – as far as hair care is concerned, that is.
Then there is the question of salon space. Salons up to now have always ensured that all necessary equipment is available, with some strategically placed plants, comfortable chairs, and numerous magazines for their clients to browse through. However, 2010 is going to see salons going that one step further by including a consultation area in their salons. This is to allow clients to have one-on-one consultations with their professional hair stylist, to ensure that the client and the hair stylist as well, will know exactly what the client wants and needs.
Whether it is to have a completely new hairstyle, or a terrible mistake fixed that the client has made by trying to colour her hair at home, salons have realised that having an area for consultation is a lot better than having the client trying to explain her needs as you start washing her hair!
As far as hairstyle trends go, curls, and lots of them, are going to be the in thing in 2010. Structured or soft, they are going to gallop ahead of styles that are flat and straight. Of course this doesn’t mean that straightening irons should be dumped, but rather used in a different way. Straightening irons are perfect for creating a head of curls, instead of being used to straighten the hair. 2010 will also see salons stocking up on a range of various sized curling tongs to create those perfect curls.…

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Andis Professional Products Review

Andis’s first hair clipper, a favorite in its time and known as a quality product today, was originally known for its smaller, faster model that delivered a higher performance than other clippers available at the time. Today, Andis is still a company that prides itself on quality products and is well known among hair professionals worldwide.
Andis Co. is successful today and uses the same fundamentals and foundation as its prior generations. The brand is customer oriented and strives to make the best possible products for their customers.
Andis offers many products including professional-use, consumer-use, animal care, and hotel grooming tools.
For professional use, Andis offers hair clippers, hair trimmers, men’s shavers, blow dryers, curling irons, and hair straightening irons. Andis also sells replacement clipper and trimmer blades.
For consumer use, Andis offers clippers, trimmers, hair dryers, and styling irons. For animal care, Andis offers clippers, dryers, and light clipping and trimming tools. They even offer products for horse grooming and sheep shearing.
For the hotel industry, Andis provides hair dryers, steam irons, and coffee makers.
It is so important that individuals and hair professionals find quality tools that have endurance. Many other bands produce products are sold at high prices and stop working after the tenth use. Knowing what products are made with high quality components usually takes trial and error, but Andis is a well known, established, family-owned company that has been delivering quality products for generations.
It is equally important for individuals and stylists to buy the best hair care products for themselves and for clients. Basic hair care starts with quality hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, gels, or mousses. When shopping for products, look at the labels for information about what hair type the product is made for just to be sure you are getting the right product for your hair or your customers hair.
Whether you are a hair professional, individual, or veterinarian cosmetologist or grooming specialist, Andis has a professional hair care appliance for you or your business. With their long withstanding reputation of quality and value, Andis is a brand to look for when looking for hair trimmers, hair clippers, or other appliances for you or your business.
Quality products are sometimes hard to find, but brands with history and experience always seem to have a solid reason for their success. You can trust the Andis brand and start your shopping experience with them today.…