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How to Avoid “Bad Hair Days”

A bad hair day occurs to every woman, every if once in a while. For many, it is just an outlandish nightmare, whereas there are few people who are not uptight that much. Bad hair days tend to affect our moods negatively, whereas our personalities are also linked to our perfect hair styles, to a greater extent.
Sometimes, a new-fangled hairstyle can cause bad hair days. People often have to linger on for several days or even for a couple of weeks before their new style grows to an adequate length, to look good. Sometimes, the bad hair days prolong as the hair grows. If you cannot get exonerate of the bad hair day, you should get your hair fashioned for a second time, by a changed stylist. If the bad hair day comes to an end as the hair grows, scrutinize how long your hair must be in order to look good in that style. The more direction and detail you can give a hairstylist next time, the more you can stay away from bad hair days in the future.
The primary and foremost thing you can do for your hairstyle and to steer clear of bad hair days is to get a grand hair cut. This can make your hair styling practice a lot easier. Choose a hair cut that fits your life approach. If it takes your stylist 45 minutes to give mode to your hair, it will take you twofold as long. Be sure to ask your hair stylist as to which hair cuts would suit you and your demanding way of life.
Secondly, try not to stuff yourself with hair products. This can cause any type of coat to become hobble, lifeless and icky. If you use gel, an anti-frizz product, and then hairspray, you may have to face inconvenience. If you need to use one, stick to only one. Choose what is the most imperative. Many hair stylists consider that hair moose or gel is, in reality, the best form of coat setting lotion and anti-frizz, pooled in one.
If all else fails for your hairstyle, try an unproblematic up-do. There are ample of styles out there. The trendiest is a ponytail. A simple pony tail can make the most awful fur look grand. You can also pull off a “half up-do” and only put up rest of your hair. Experiments will distinguish the up-dos. Anything looks great as long as your hair has silky fly-a ways.
Besides this, attach to the nature of your natural water texture. Most women try to tussle with the nature. If you have curly fur, many of you want it straight and vice versa. Well, instead of spending an hour in straightening your hair, accept your ordinary roots. If you have a naturally dark coat colour, do not bleach them. Choose a lighter colour-tone, which matches your natural fur colour, and vice versa. Also, if you have straight-as-a-stick fur, perming is a good impermanent solution. The chemicals from both can be damaging for your hair.
In short, there is no one who will want bad coat days to ruin their moods and personality. Everyone tries to look the best; our hair styles give much of an individual impression. All of the above mentioned tips will not only help in avoiding bad hair days but will also give a precautionary measure of how to make your coat perfect for daily routine.…

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Is Curly Hair Really Harder to Manage Than Straight Hair?

The volume and texture of curly hair makes it appear perpetually disheveled; the curls get tangled up easily, making it harder to comb. Many women with curly hair find it very hard to keep their hair looking good for the whole day. Curly hair doesn’t have to stress you out. With proper hair care, you’d be able to keep your curls looking pretty the whole day.
It’s possible to make your hair look soft and velvety; healthy and shiny. Like straight hair, there are many styling options for people with curly locks.
Love your natural look. The best thing about properly maintained curly hair is that you can just let it down and you’d still look fabulous. Unlike women with straight hair, you don’t have to spend hours ironing your hair to make it look great. If your hair is short and curly, you can give an edge to your look by parting it on the side. Always tousle your hair with a dollop of mousse or shine serum. Lightly dab a little on your hands, spread it with your palms and touch the ends of your hair.
Long curly hair, on the other hand, have many styling options. You can tie it in a ponytail for a relax look while you do your chores around the house or wear a headband to keep your hair off your face while letting your hair down for a carefree afternoon walk in the park. You can also create a loose bun or an updo with a few strands falling dramatically out of place and framing your hair. The wavy texture will naturally frame your face with softness, strength and confidence.
Curly hair can show people your personality. Use it to your advantage. When worn and maintained correctly, it can make you look more exciting and fun to be with. It can also make you look sexier and more confident.…

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The Weight Loss Snowball Effect

On a total food replacement plan, many people can lose 1 stone a month, via a safe rapid weight loss process called ketosis. Losing weight with a meal replacement plan is a very effective method of getting to your healthy target weight fast. Total food replacement means that you do not eat any conventional food, you get all your nutritional requirements from a range of food packs.
If you have several stones to lose, losing 1 stone will not make people stop on the street and notice the difference. The first month or so on a diet is hard work for someone who is very over weight, as it takes so much strength, determination and willpower to break old habits and stop turning to food at times of stress or frustration.
After a few weeks, it does become easier, as you start to form new positive habits, you start to form new strategies on how to deal with situations when you would normally turn to food.
It is important to celebrate your success every day, to be proud of every time you said “no” and to build your confidence and self esteem that you are strong and on a journey to become slim and healthy.
Once the results really start to show, the momentum builds and the excitement builds. The snowball effect kicks in, and every couple of weeks you will notice big changes in your health and your body. The weight loss process stops becoming a chore and hard task and it transforms into an exciting fun journey.
When starting out on your weight loss journey, don’t think too far ahead, just take it day at a time, and before you know it, it will become easy, it will become a new way of life, and you will wake up everyday and feel inspired and motivated to continue your journey of health improvement.…

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Salon Quality Hair at Home

Are you jealous of those hair models? Their hair seems to swing easily, shiny, smooth and tangle free. The hair lays well, the curl stays and there is NO air brushing involved – right? Watch any hair care advertisement and you are ready to run out and buy it, try it and pray for that miracle. It can all be overwhelming.
Good hair care begins with knowing and understanding the needs of your particular hair type before choosing the products and equipment you need to wash, condition, dry and style. While we would all like that smooth silky shine, you know your own hair best. You know if it is normally curly and dry, fine and limp or gets greasy quickly. Don’t trick yourself into believing that with a new shampoo, conditioner or treatment you can change the basic structure.
You are striving to achieve the best possible results with the tools you’ve been given. That means getting the best possible equipment and products to give you the best potential.
Start with a good boar’s head bristle brush with a rubber base. This brush has some give and take in the base so you aren’t ripping and tearing at the hair shaft. You also want a good wide tooth comb to use when the hair is wet. No matter how tempted you are to use a brush on wet hair DON’T! No matter how great the brush is your hair is more apt to be damaged when wet. In fact, if you have straight hair you may want to wait until it’s dry before combing through.
Shampoos and conditioners are an essential part of any routine. Shampoos will lift the dirt, oil and environmental toxins from your hair and send it down the drain. Pick the shampoo for your specific hair type. If you have curly hair you’ll want a shampoo that is hydrating; limp fine hair works well with panthenol which help to plump the strands and give you volume; color and treated hair should be washed with gentle shampoo that can be used daily.
Unless you have curly hair or dry and treated hair use your conditioner 2-3 times per week. Those who have treated or curly hair should condition daily – or any time they shampoo. Conditioners help to protect the hair from damage, leaves you with less tangles, moisturized and hydrated.
Now you can experiment with mousse, balms, de-frizz, shine serums and heat treatments. Shine serums help the hair to reflect light giving it that shiny appearance but will weigh down fine hair. Mousse, balms and de-frizz products will help you control your hair on days that are high in humidity, heat or activity levels. And heat treatments will help to protect the hair shaft from the heat of blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons.
When you are purchasing a blow dryer get a good one. Curly thick hair will require 1875 watts while fine hair can get away with a dryer with 1500 watts. A strong dryer with multiple settings will cut the time your hair is exposed to heat and decrease your drying time.
Hairspray isn’t what your mom used to buy – or at least it shouldn’t be! Hairspray can keep your hair under control during bouts of humidity and protect it from the UV rays from the sun. A soft, flexible formula will hold your hair in place during activities but won’t leave you looking like Great Aunt Carol’s helmet head. If you are looking for a bit of extra volume lift sections of hair and spray near the roots. Those with short hair can also spray their hair with their heads upside down.
Keep each of these items in your arsenal of supplies so you can look your best each and every day. Whether you are leaving the house or staying home, looking your best helps you to feel your best!…

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Hair Care – Straightening Your Hair Without Flat Irons and Blow Driers

Do you suffer from wild hair that refuses to be tamed? Many of us do and we attack our hair with blow driers, chemicals and flat irons to try to straighten out our curly, out of control hair. This is not the best thing you can do to your hair and you are setting yourself up for some serious problems further down the road.
A better approach is a “kinder gentler” one. Treat your hair with the respect it really deserves and be kind to it. When you do this it will reward you with beautiful flowing tresses that you can be proud of.
Forget about all those “weapons of destruction” that are usually used on curly out of control hair. Just get back to basics and straiten your hair the old fashioned way. It will take a little time initially but your hair will look beautiful.
Plan A to straighten your hair without harming it:
Things you will need:
Bobby pins- a lot of them! A light scarf Plenty of patience and determination Suggestion a good TV show to while away the time
Firstly you will need to wash and condition your hair. Towel dry excess moisture from your hair Brush it straight. Do this gently as hair is fragile while wet. Apply a small amount of gel to your hair to help it to set. Wrap your hair tightly and smoothly around your head like a turban. Fasten every inch with bobby pins. This takes time and you may want to watch the TV show while you do this. When you have wrapped and pinned your hair cover it with a light scarf and go to bed. When you get up in the morning your hair will be dry. Undo the scarf, and bobby pins and gently brush your hair. You will have beautiful straight hair with no mess or hassle.
Plan B to straighten your hair without harming it:
Things you will need:
A large thin towel Brush Wash your hair in cold water Bend over and brush your hair downwards in front of you Wrap it tightly in the towel so no hair can be seen Unwrap every 5 or 10 minutes brush down and wrap again Repeat this last step until your hair is dry
This method may not be quite as relaxing as the previous one but you will get nice straight hair without chemicals or blow driers etc.
By using either of these 2 plans to tame and straighten your hair you will be able to keep your hair in good condition and still enjoy that straight look for many years to come. Beautiful hair begins with good care and the better you look after your hair the more it will reward you. After all a woman’s crown and glory is her hair.…

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How to Calorie Shift

Calorie shifting seems to be getting a lot of attention lately, but many are confused about how to do it. This dieting technique is fast, safe, and best of all…relatively easy! The best part about calorie shifting is that you don’t have to cut out any of your favorite foods, and if done correctly you can lose as much as 10 lbs in less than two weeks. This article will explain how to accomplish that goal.
The key to calorie shifting is that you have to eat more than four times a day, but for maximum results, you should eat six small meals a day. With this plan no snacks in between are allowed, but you will not feel hungry if plan your meals accordingly. Each meal should have different caloric values, and is is stressed that it must be a MEAL… so try to include at least a few food groups. And, as with any diet you should try to drink at least eight glasses of cold water a day. Diet Sodas, Coffee, and Juices can be contributed to your 8 glasses of “water”, but personally I like to drink ice cold water since it actually burns calories, while when you drink juice or soda you are consuming calories.
Drinking lots of ice cold water during your calorie shifting diet helps speed up the process and increase your metabolism by flushing out all of the unprocessed calories. And, because you are eating meals with varied caloric values, your body will get confused, and cause a unique reaction that will jump start your metabolism and keep fat burning at an all time high, even while you sleep! Again, the key to this diet is eating meals with varied caloric values, and drinking plenty of water.
Since this diet is so unusual and goes against the dieting norm (it calls for you to eat some high calorie foods) most people are quick to dismiss it as a scam. But, it has been clinically proven that calorie shifting is a safe, healthy and easy way to get in the best shape of your life and follow a healthy diet without feeling deprived of your favorite foods. Anyone who gives this diet a try quickly realizes that it is the real deal.
If you are interested in trying a calorie shifting diet, it is essential that you have a guide to help you out. If you want to try it on your own, you can, but many people waste a lot of time and money trying to figure out this diet on their own.…

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Translating Hairstylist Lingo – What Will My Hair Look Like If My Stylist Does That?

Good communication between you and your stylist will make both of you happier. You’ll have fewer bad hair days and she’ll have more satisfied clients. But not every hair stylist knows how to translate hairspeak into plain English (sorry, I can’t help you with other languages).
So, you must ask, ask and ask again for your hairstylist to explain what she’s doing to your hair, why she thinks it’s a good idea, and how you can recreate the look at home. To keep her from thinking you’re a total n00b, print this guide to hairspeak out and review it before you go into the hair salon.
When your hairstylist says she’d like to give you a style that’s:
A choppy style has various lengths usually done with a razor.
Thick, straight hair cut short is the typical choppy hairstyle but mid-length hair can go choppy too. You’ll need regular trims since letting a choppy hairstyle grow out looks ragged. It’s a good way to cut back on the blow drier time for thick hair and gives you a young, fun look.
She means that wind-tousled, wavy look that swimmers or surfers (get it, beach dwellers?) may have.
If your hair has a bit of a natural wave and is reasonably thick, this fairly low maintenance look could work for you. You’ll let it dry without heat and apply a spray or gel.
It’s usually an above the shoulder hairstyle since it tends to just look messy with longer hair.
Products you’ll need:
oVolumizing spray
oStraightening balm (if you have thick, course hair)
oHair dryer
oA 1-inch barrel curling iron
oPonytail holder and bobby pins
oShine serum
oSaltwater spray
Isn’t a cut it’s a blowdrying technique.  By blowing out your hair to the opposite side and then flipping it over on the part side, you get more volume. At home, sitting down and flipping your hair over while drying some of the underside can get you this effect.
Another after effect. Your hairstylist will use wax or hair gel to stick the ends together and then use her fingers to break your hair up into 1-3 inch sections. It’s often used on a choppy short cut to create texture.
Here she’s talking about giving you a geometric cut like a bob. You’ll need the right size roller brush to recreate the smooth finish at home.
Can be used on curly hair to make it smoother or on flat hair to make it look fuller! Texturizing curly hair involves cutting diagonally. and involves layers for naturally flat hair.
To remove some of the bulk from thick hair, a razor or thinning shears are used. Starting about an inch from the scalp and going to the ends. You usually have to ask for this and your stylist should refuse if you have fine, dry or damaged hair as it will produce massive frizzies.
When you stylist says she wants to give your hair some movement, she’s usually talking about adding layers to mid-length hair to make it lighter and allow it to swing and bounce. The layers shouldn’t start above your ears. This cut allows you to wear your hair down without it looking flat. If you tell your stylist you want to, she can start the layers low enough for you to pull your hair into a ponytail.
Got more hairspeak you want explained? Shoot me an email and I’ll write up another hairstylist lingo translation guide.…