Headaches on the Left Side Are Part of Your Unique Expression of Ill Health

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Headaches on the Left Side Are Part of Your Unique Expression of Ill Health

When you experience headaches on the left side, it means that you recognise your unique expression of the headaches. This is immensely important if you really want to resolve the problem behind them, rather than just dull the pain.

There are few modalities of health care which understand the vital important of everyone’s unique expression of poor health. But once you open your mind to this possibility, then you are well on the road to taking control of your own health, and so life.

It’s not difficult to grasp the fact that as everyone is a unique individual, they are going to experience the world and their life in their own way. Obviously, this means they are going to experience their health, and lack of, in their own way too.

And headaches typify this well. They come in all shapes and sizes, as it were. Some are only on one side, some change sides, some are focussed at the temple, others are at the top of the head, the forehead, or the back of the head.

And the sensations vary enormously, too. Some have a stabbing pain, other throb, others ache, some pulse, some feel like little hammers in your head.

Then there are all the different, and natural, factors which improve or worsen your headache. For some, the daytime is the worse time. For others, it’s the nighttime. Some find that noise and/or light makes the pain worse. Others find that moving around worsens the pain. The application of hot or cold applications can help or hinder.

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And finally, there are the seemingly unrelated symptoms, which only occur with a headache. Many people experience nausea and/or visual disturbance with migraines. Other people experience more minor symptoms, that are none the less, related to the headache.

When you put all this together, you can’t possibly come up with one or two treatments. You need to be far more discerning and come up with a different treatment for each different combination, otherwise how can your treatment possibly help at a deep level?

Luckily, there is a modality of health care that does just that.

Homeopathy is a powerful but gentle form of complete and natural health care. It works by taking all your individual symptoms, and causes, into consideration and then matching them to the most appropriate treatment. Only then can you expect to get deep and lasting healing.

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