Diet of Centenarians – How to Live Like a Japanese

So, doctors and researchers in many studies and observations of centenarians came to the conclusion that they have less than others, manifested a variety of deterioration of the brain. They almost did not suffer from memory disorders, attention and thought processes.
According to American scientists frequent consumption of soy protein results in accelerated destruction of brain cells. Older people who are actively involved in your eating tofu, sharply reduced the level of memory and other mental processes, as compared with those people who this product is excluded.
According to scientists, fully balanced diet helps slow the aging brain, to prolong active life. A very important condition for such a diet is the regular consumption of antioxidants. Young people have antioxidants in the cells themselves, but with age, their activity is greatly reduced, and the aging process accelerates. Gradually, the regulation violated the functioning of cells in the body are manifested pathological features senile. Natural antioxidants now can be used as food supplements or, for example, in the form of seafood.
Diet of centenarians is extremely simple. It includes only a few main principles:
– you should reduced food (the elder you become);
– pay attention to low-calorie and low fat products;
– eat meat no more than twice a week;
– regularly have to adhere to the Japanese diet – the week when the power is limited to rice, fish and fresh vegetables;
– this diet for weight loss including vitamins A, C and E;
– you should learn from the experience of Switzerland and eat more high-quality cheese, yogurt;
– before you go to bed, you can drink a glass of red dry wine.…