A Healthy Diet For A Healthy Hair

There have been numerous articles stating how important the food we eat is for our disposition and physical aspect. Following the same pattern, we may easily infer that the beauty of our crowning glory is definitely correlated with the products we normally eat. Here are a few pieces of advice that will help you restore the beauty of your hair through the help of several special ingredients.
The deficit of minerals in our body is the main cause leading to hair loss; therefore, you need to enrich your day to day diet with products that contain zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B-12, selenium and omega-3. You may choose to assimilate these minerals by taking special supplements from the drug store, but if you want to avoid getting too many proteins, you should procure minerals from food.
Fish and, particularly salmon, is very rich in omega-3, a key ingredient for a healthy luscious hair. The omega-3 protein stimulates the production of keratin, a natural protective barrier that will prevent hair from getting brittle and dull. For that matter, it is advisable that you eat fish at least once a week if you want your locks to grow longer and stronger.
Dark green vegetables are rich in vitamin A which impedes the aging of our cells, including the cells of the capillaries. Women lose most of their hair because, similar to our skin, the capillaries grow old and they get increasingly frailer until they break. You can prolong the life of your tresses by eating spinach, broccoli, beans, etc. This way your hair will produce more sebum and your capillaries will be naturally conditioned.
Most natural hair masks contain eggs and this is because this product is extremely good for your locks. If you combine eggs with dairy products and try to eat them as often as you can, your hair will grow thicker, healthier and shinier.
As efficient as these natural recipes and healthy diets may be, you still need to protect your tresses on the outside, that is, to apply treatments and masks. Hairdressers in London produce the best organic products, so you can still avoid additives or toxic substances, two of the most dangerous agents for our hair and skin.

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