Healthy Neck And Back Comes From Correct Posture Of The Head

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Healthy Neck And Back Comes From Correct Posture Of The Head

Condition known as Forward Head Posture or Hyperkyphotic posture is when the head is positioned at least 2 inches in front of the body. This is due to a long period of bad posture and the head simply tries to balance itself out with the shoulder, trying to stay in the center of it. This posture can lead to number of problems along the way.

Your back and neck muscles have to deal with 10 more pounds per every inch of the head that is moving forward from the center, which makes these muscles work even harder to keep the head and the chin from dropping to the chest. These constant contraction of the muscles put additional pressure on to the nerves of the back part of the neck. This can ultimately bring headache from the base of the skull and even mimic a sinus headache.

The Chiropractors specializes in correcting these problems. The earlier the treatment, the better results you will have since treating this condition in the later years make it difficult to correct. They will work with any subluxations and even help invigorate the muscles that work with your head. A patient first visiting a Chiropractor for this condition may already have 2 inch forward head placement and may not even realize this because the patient just got accustomed to carrying about 20 pounds of watermelon on his neck over the years. If FHP is not treated by a series of chiropractic treatment, it may decline even more as time goes by.

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A study was done with 1,353 patients with osteoporosis and the amount of FHP was measured for each person. The study concluded with the results that 44% of men suffered from this condition and 22% for women. It was also noted that FHP patients had 1.44 times greater chance of mortality than those who who did not have the condition.

A person who has frequent headaches, neck pain or even tightness in the upper back should observe the posture of the body to see where the head is located in relation to their torso. If it seems like a FHP, a visit to a Chiropractor would be a wise choice. A Chiropractor will help correct the posture which will bring a pain free life and ultimately a longer life if it is really FHP.

As a Chiropractor, I’ve helped countless patients with their poor posture. In our office, we have a variety of ways to treat this condition and offer therapies as well to maintain the corrected posture after care. It is truly a blessing to see patients progressing and having a pain free life after receiving our care.

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