Headache Prevention – Managing Bad Headache Days

Headache Prevention – Managing Bad Headache Days

If you suffer those bad headache days, I bet you have tried all sorts of things; pain killers caffeine etc. but have you tried a very simple approach.

Every few weeks I have a bad head day. For me its often after some hard contact sport or a few nights of poor sleep. My response has often been to sit around, complaining to my wife, hopefully for some secondary gain.

Typically I would take pain killers and drink more coffee than usual in some mistaken view that it will help. I have spoken to many headache sufferers and they have similar rituals.

It’s a bit like having a cold, typically people will take more supplements when they are well than when they are sick. Because they can’t be bothered taking action when they are unwell.

My solution which I have found to be successful for many people does require a slightly contrary action.

Firstly take a dose of magnesium powder as soon as you feel the headache coming on. Magnesium will relax both muscles and blood vessels.

Then super hydrate every cell in your body by drinking lots of water throughout the day. This is critical. In my regular testing with clients I find that most people are de-hydrated most of the time. All you need is to slip a little further and you are a candidate for a headache.

This is a simple yet not often practised means of headache treatment and prevention as well as an overall health producing activity.

Why does it work? We have mentioned magnesium which is the most important relaxing mineral in your body, it is also very much under threat as we use it at a high rate when we are active or under stress.

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The simple water remedy works just like re hydrating any dried food. Imagine soaking a bowl full of sultans in water. After awhile they plump up. Your cells are just the same, many people have cells that look more like sultanas than grapes.

These cells are inefficient. Proper hydration is the key. Drink and keep drinking. It’s just water you can’t do any harm. Some people say they can’t drink a lot of water. If this is you then put out a jug of water in the morning and take sips every time you walk past it.

If you don’t like the taste of plain water add some lemon or lime juice or some fresh mint. The other thing is to change your mind about drinking water. Decide it’s good for you and decide you like the taste. Focus on the benefits.

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