Injuries to the Spine – Pain, Pain, Go Away

Injuries to the Spine – Pain, Pain, Go Away

There is nothing more physically or emotionally debilitating as spinal injuries. Since our spine is our life line to all of our major organs and is responsible for most of the movements our bodies make, it is no wonder that those suffering from injuries of the spine live a very low quality of life. They can’t pick up their kids to hold them. They can’t play golf or tennis like they used to. They can hardly even walk to the mailbox without wincing in pain. Along with the pain is the medication used to stop it. Endless pills with endless side effects. If you are experiencing these same situations, there is an alternative that could potentially free you from your misery.

Chiropractic care is an excellent alternative to surgery and pain pills. If you think about it, it’s really a no-brainer. You go to a cardiologist for your heart. You see an optometrist to check your eyesight. So why not see a chiropractor for back pain? Chiropractors go through years of extensive training on each vertebrate in the spine and their functions. They know all about how the spine is connected to every part of our bodies and how to fix our aches and pains. Insurance usually covers most chiropractic visits and there are several new and amazing technologies coming out of the chiropractic field to better heal our pain.

On your first visit, the chiropractor will determine what type of pain you are in by assessing how you injured your back. Was it a fall at work or at home? Did you incur this injury through an automobile accident? Possibly a sports injury? They will then ask how long you have been dealing with the pain, what type of lifestyle you lead, be it active or sedentary, and what your goals for treatment are. A chiropractor may then take x-rays of your spine to see how extensive the injury is and then he or she will make a diagnoses and plan for treatment. It’s that simple. And most adjustments that the chiropractor makes to your back are painless and all are non-surgical and noninvasive.

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So what are some possible diagnoses that the chiropractor will make? They might find that you have a bulging or slipped disc. When this disc is pushed out from between the vertebrate, it can actually touch nerve endings in the spine which causes excruciating pain– almost a burning sensation. Decompression may be the treatment you receive if this is your problem. This can be done either through a massage chair, a decompression chamber, or by hand. Never attempt to use decompression through inversion tables in your own home without being supervised. You can ultimately cause a secondary injury by doing this.

Visiting a chiropractor can be very scary if you are a first timer. But don’t be afraid. Chiropractors go through more training in the first two years than a regular medical doctor and they are more open to alternative treatments. They not only help your back pain, they work on improving your overall lifestyle so pain will never be a component of your every day life again.

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